Bose Introduces (AR) Sunglasses That Can Let You Hear

    Bose, a famous headphone company, presented the design of glasses at SXSW festival that will give you more than just shade from the sun. While Augmented Reality was only restricted to visual displays, Bose has something more for us in its account. Imagine, the glasses you are wearing that will let you know what is happening in your background.

    Bose Introduces (AR) Sunglasses That Can Let You Hear

    Bose Introduces Sunglasses That Can Let You Hear
    Bose Introduces Sunglasses That Can Let You Hear

    Yes, you heard it right. These sunglasses have the ability to tell us what is being looked at. And, it is possible by directing sound into air canal. To execute the programme it makes the use of Bose AR platform that will use head movements, taps on the device, voice commands, and background noise. It is equipped with a tiny speaker that can whisper information directly to the user’s ear.

    These sunglasses are to be connected to your mobile phones via Bluetooth. GPS will detect the directions of your movements.

    “Unlike other augmented reality products and platforms, Bose AR doesn’t change what you see but knows what you’re looking at — without an integrated lens or phone camera. And rather than superimposing visual objects on the real world, Bose AR adds an audible layer of information and experiences, making every day better, easier, more meaningful and more productive” the company said in their statement.

    Bose AR Sunglasses
    Bose AR Sunglasses

    Bose will do a partnership with other companies like Yelp, Ray-Ban, Warby Parker and Strava for the further business of these sunglasses. The company wants to put Bose AR into as many devices as possible. But, for now, it will be limited to Sunglasses.

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    The price of these Sunglasses is not certain as of now. But, it will be worth every penny it costs as it can help the various sections of the society especially hearing impaired people.

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