Chromecast vs Fire TV Stick: What is better?

    When aiming to transform your TV viewing experience, you’re spoiled for choice. Not only does this day and age bring us numerous streaming platforms, there’s also stuff that makes your regular TV into a Smart TV. Smart TV Sticks are devices that, when plugged into the HDMI port, can amp-up your TV experience significantly. To make the distinction of the great from the good, we’ve assessed two of the best brands.

    Of these magical TV-transforming devices, Google and Amazon are accredited with making the best. Google’s Chromecast and Amazon’s Fire TV Stick are so closely matched that it would be tricky to pick just one. Although Amazon’s Fire TV lineup is much more broad, Google has focused on enhancing its streaming devices. This is evident when opting for Chromecast with Google TV.

    Both the Fire TV Stick and Chromecast boast a price under $40, allowing you to stream your favorite services on your “non-smart” TV. While they’re both admirably optimized in performance, each is host to different functionalities and applications. As we go through their looks, applications, channels, and streaming quality, here are some of the major distinctions between Fire TV Stick and Chromecast.

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    Same But Different

    Clocking in at about $35 a pop, the Google Chromecast features a smooth design and a flexible HDMI cable, but no remote. The Fire TV Stick, coming in at just $4.99 more, comes in a sleeker design and with a 2nd Generation Alexa voice activation remote. Judging by just the prices the Chromecast seems a better pick, but the Fire TV Stick is a more complete package.

    Both these devices are capable of streaming in full HD, making them both excellent picks to bring some life to your old TV. However, the Fire TV Stick is reportedly 50% more powerful than its predecessor from 2019, and it also supports Dolby Atmos audio. If you want to go for 4K clarity, however, you’ll need a few more bucks to get the 4K-compatible versions.

    The issue with Chromecast is compatibility. Anything you watch must be Chromecast-compatible, or it’s a bust. Although somewhat short, this list includes all of the major services like NOW TV, Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime. Streaming with multiple people is easier, as each member of the household may stream directly from their smartphone. This comes without the necessity to re-login, and the media player makes switching between accounts much easier.

    When it comes to apps and channel accessibility, however, the Fire TV Stick might have the upper hand. A separate device like a smartphone or tablet isn’t needed, because everything is accessible via the Fire TV home page. From this page, you can go to any apps and/or channels, or browse using the remote or Alexa voice commands. The setup for a Fire TV Stick is also convenient. Here are some easy instructions on setting up a Firestick and getting started.

    The Verdict

    Taking a pick is a tad difficult when we’ve got such fierce contention. Both devices come with a robust app store that includes many of the best streaming providers. They also both support some form of voice control but, overall, Alexa is found to be a bit more convenient.

    They both support full HD streaming, but with the FireStick, there’s no need to cast. Instead, you can just choose the streaming service you want from the Fire TV homepage. This also means that you can do everything with Alexa Voice Remote alone, without needing an external device.

    When it comes to deciding, it’s really neck-and-neck, given the respective features of both devices, but there’s got to be a winner. The Chromecast does appear to be a more economical option, but the FireStick offers a more convenient package, so it’s your best bet for seamless streaming.

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