Cloud Gaming: A Tryst With The Future Of Gaming

    It is overwhelming to realise how clouds are no more just expected to rain—they can now store the pictures of Rohn’s fifth birthday and perfectly capture granny’s toothless smile.

    Kudos to the advancing world!

    Cloud Gaming: A Tryst With The Future Of Gaming

    Cloud Gaming
    Cloud Gaming: A Tryst With The Future Of Gaming

    We can now store pictures, videos, files and all sorts of data in the cloud: a storage device that doesn’t need to exist physically. It also comes with countless privileges in the field of gaming and one of them is this: you don’t need a heavy specification to play games on your system.

    In fact, with cloud gaming, you can play games on the server via a live streaming of a video where your opponent and you get allocated to get a graphical user interface to interact with each other. In your ease, you don’t need hundreds of gigabytes to download the console and play even a heavy game such as Call Of Duty; you just need a decent internet connection as it takes the use of your bandwidth to establish a connection between the server and your system.

    Cloud Gaming is an umbrella term and is often referred as Gaming On Demand as it’s a form of online gaming where the client(you) sends a request to the server[of the company that has made the game] and in return, the server responds in the form of a video or a pixel stream.

    How Cloud Gaming Works?

    steam cloud gaming
    How Cloud Gaming Works

    There is another form of cloud computing called File Stream where you just need to download say 5-10% of the game and you can start playing it. Whereas, it’ll be keep getting downloaded in the background without interrupting your speed or creating any lag. You just need the hardware strength that can handle the game.

    When it comes to Cloud Gaming Systems, there are names such as GamingAnywhere and G-cluster. While some of the companies presently offering cloud gaming are these: NVIDIA (GeForce NOW), Play key, PlayGiga and many more.

    Play Cloud Games Here: Liquid Sky, GameNut.

    Watch this Video about Cloud Gaming on Android, iPad or any platform:

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