Countries With the Highest Number of Casino Visitors

    In America, Las Vegas is among the destinations with the highest number of casinos and generates millions of dollars in tax revenue for the state of Nevada. Although America has a large gambling population and infrastructure, it is not the only country where people go all out to risk their dollars on games of chance.

    You might be shocked to learn that the countries with the highest number of casino visitors are regions you wouldn’t expect. This article will show you a list of places that garner the most players, as well as how the casino industry benefits these countries. 

    Countries Ranked by the Number of Casino Visitors

    Many reasons may affect the casino visits in a country, including the games available, gambling policy, and the social perception of the activity. Australia, Canada, and Ireland are among the countries with the highest casino visitors. They also record the highest gambling-related losses annually. This correlation shouldn’t come as a surprise, as the more you engage in this activity, the higher your potential losses. 


    Australians love to gamble more than the rest of the world, and it shows in the statistics. More than 8 out of 10 Australian adults take part in the activity, and 4% play games at slot machines each week. Thankfully, the industry provides employment for thousands of people. According to the Australasian Gaming Council, approximately 150,000 Australians receive around $10 billion in salary and wages from gaming companies. 

    One of the reasons Online Cricket Betting ID is so popular Down Under is that gamblers’ winnings are not taxed. However, gambling operators do not receive the same treatment. Taxation on gaming companies differs from state to state, and there are taxes on turnover, player loss, and profit. 

    Australia boasts some of the most beautiful casinos and welcomes people from all over the world to indulge in a world-class experience. Some of the popular gaming establishments in the country include Adelaide Casino, Casino Canberra, Country Club Casino, Crown Sydney, and Jupiter’s Hotel and Casino. These places over a massive variety of games and fun vibes. 


    Singapore is another country with a booming gambling industry despite its government’s efforts to discourage the practice. However, the latest numbers show that the percentage of people that gambled in 2020 fell to 44% from 52% in 2017. A few statutes control the industry in Singapore, such as the Common Gaming Houses Act, Private Lotteries Act, and Remote Gambling Act.

    Currently, the only operator allowed to run lotteries in the country is Singapore Pools. As far as casinos are concerned, all of them are integrated resorts. At the moment, the island state only has two casinos, namely Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa. One of the strategies to curb casino visits is to subject Singaporean residents to an entrance fee. While the policy discourages some, others are even more motivated. 

    United Kingdom

    In the UK, almost half of the population gambles each month. Out of the 24 million adult gamblers, half of them chose to bet online. One out of five placed bets more than twice a week, and nearly a third did so at least once per week. According to the Gaming Commission, the British spent £14.3 billion in 2018/2019 on the National Lottery, sports betting, casinos, and arcades. 

    The COVID-19 pandemic also played its part in the growth of the industry. Nearly one-third tried out new gambling activities during this period, whether remote bingo, virtual sports, or online slots. 

    There are casinos all over the United Kingdom, whether you’re in London, Birmingham, or Leeds. Some popular ones are Park Lane Club, The Palm Beach Casino, Hippodrome Casino, Empire Casino, Napoleons Casino, The Grosvenor Casino, and Alea Casino.


    Not many countries have embraced gambling the way Canada has. It is a region famous for its friendly betting policies, and over 75% of its population has interacted with some form of gambling, whether through bookmakers, lotteries, or casinos. Lotteries and scratches are the most popular, and the Canadian gambling sector is currently worth about $16 billion.

    In 2018, there were 147 casinos and racetracks in the Great White North, which marks a massive growth from 78 in 2002. The best casino establishments in Canada include Casino Niagara, Casino De Montreal, Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino, Casino Rama Resort, River Cree Resort and Casino, and River Rock Casino Resort. 

    Online casinos have also contributed to the growth of bettors among the population. Players can easily stake their money, play their favorite games, and withdraw their winnings from the comfort of their homes. Allowing players to bet on low amounts is another strategy casinos employ to increase traffic to their platform and grow. Statistics Canada predicted that 65% of Canadians who are of the legal gambling age would bet in an online casino environment in 2021.

    United States

    A study on casino visitors statistics shows that the gambling industry in the United States is worth $261 billion and provides employment for over 1.8 million Americans. Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware were the first states to legalize online gambling in the USA.

    Not all states in the region embrace the practice, and some have even banned gambling. However, regions like Nevada are a gambling haven for Americans and even gambling enthusiasts worldwide, with hundreds of casinos owned by private organizations or Indian reservations. 

    How Does a Country Benefit From the Casino Industry?

    Governments can earn billions from taxes, whether on winnings or outlets. This money plays a significant role in helping the poor or developing infrastructure. Populations can expect a higher standard of living, especially when the industry and national budget are managed right.

    Other than taxing winnings and casinos, countries also benefit heavily from the influx of tourists. This might come as a surprise, but many plan their holidays around the availability of casinos in a destination. Among the places that take advantage of this fact are Macau and Las Vegas. 

    When governments invest in infrastructure, promotion, and practice friendly gaming policies, the economy grows along with the industry. Food establishments, hotels, transportation, and other services are only a few of the industries that profit from casino visitors.

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