Create Mouth Watering Food Ads To Advertise On Facebook With The Best Video Editor

    Imagine a pizza, the best you can visualize – with a wafer-thin crust, loaded with the nicest and freshest toppings on it. There is more cheese on the pizza than you can imagine, the heat of the pan is melting the cheese flowing along its edges. As you pull a slice, a long string of cheese still holds on to the rest of the base. Amazing right? Now imagine we show this visual with a video.

    The visual medium is one of the most exciting and fruitful ways to sell food. Sure, you can make food look great in a photo, but when you use video, the viewer gets the illusion that the food is at arm’s reach. A perfectly designed video of the best food in the heart of fast food promotions.

    A video ad has the right balance of sound and visuals. This engages all the senses and keeps a user hooked onto the screen. It is this attraction towards well-made content that you need to leverage to make a sale. Photos are dead, and videos and animation are here to stay.

    If you work in the food business, you would have already seen these trends picking up. If you are a restaurant owner, food delivery service, home cook, or a food blogger – using video to make a sale is a much better option than trying to chase blogs or posters.

    To give you an example, if you had to find a recipe online, there are enough websites that give you the same recipe. But your eyes are always drawn to the one with a better visual. Now, if this recipe was presented to you in the form of a video? That will make learning a lot clearer. That is the beauty of food – the selling point is the aesthetics.

    How Do You Make These Videos?

    Today is the age of internet content creation. You need your videos to be crisp and straightforward. They should be short enough to grab attention but long enough to give all the information. Each social media platform also comes with its own set of guidelines, which is why one video cannot serve you well across platforms.

    If you are thinking of investing in a video agency, but you seem to doubt the budget, you can use online video editors to make Facebook video ads. These come with pre-designed templates and animations. The videos look professional and hardly take any time to create. The best part is that they are free to use.

    These video editors also come pre-set with the dimensions. All you need to do is select the template for Facebook ads, and the resolution of the video will change to the appropriate sizes. If you need to download this video for another platform, these platforms will let you make edits in other aspects too.

    What Are The Video Ideas That Work Best?

    Now that you know the importance and the ease of creation, you need to set time aside to make these videos. Here are a few great ideas to get you started. Narrow down on those that work for your brand and use them with well-written ad copy.

    Slow-motion videos are one of the most mesmerizing concepts of food videography. These can be made even using your phone these days. Place your dish on a clear background and use your slow-motion-camera to enhance drips and drops. See a few references online and recreate these. Then use an online editor to place your branding and fix the resolution.

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    Video animations are another great idea. Instead of using just photos of our food, add a small animation to make them more attractive. You can use text animations or transitions. Make short looped videos that play on repeat. These videos entice the viewer to spend more time on them and watch them over.

    Facebook video ads

    One trick that is very selective to brand types is that of personal storytelling. If your brand has some historical significance, secret ingredients, or completing a story of discovery — use these in videos. An emotional connection, if done right, goes a long way to make a lasting impression.

    Behind-the-scene-videos are a high selling point and help create a personal connection with consumers. Using time-lapse features or fast video editing, you can create small videos that show the making process of your food products. This gives a better sense of understanding of the product and provides assurance about hygiene, standards, and puts a face to the company.

    Consider real-life footage too. Rather than staging all your shots of food, make videos with your customers. Get reactions of your consumers eating the food, or giving you reviews. This will help paint an accurate image of your brand and also work as a testimonial. Additionally, you can also make animated montage videos of the positive online testimonials from past clients.

    One of the best hacks to set yourself apart from the clutter of food videos online is to focus on your niche. If you are a food chain that sells only organic food, then you must make videos around that. You can also brag about your top-selling products, awards, and recognition. If any local celebrities or magazines have recommended your brand, then you can also use them as a high selling point.

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    In Conclusion

    When it comes to marketing, imitation is actually the best form of flattery. By this, we do not ask you to steal content. It means you must look around you and study other businesses in your domain. See what video ideas are getting more traction, and re-create them for your brand. No concept is original, but it’s up to you to put a unique spin on it.

    Lastly, in the wind of making the best content, do not forget to consider the technical aspects of a video. Make sure they do not have any copyrighted music or clips. Keep your brand guidelines in place and stick to the resolution recommended by Facebook for ads. Monitor your ads on a weekly basis and chase the concepts that work. Over time, you will see video ads bringing many new customers through your doors.

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