How To Create A Website In 5 Minutes?

    If you think web designing is a complicated task that takes weeks to complete, you may not want to create your own website. The budget of hiring a web designing agency is another factor that prevents most business owners, non-profits, and professionals from having their own website. So what is the solution around these two obstacles to having your own unique and professional website? Wix ADI is the perfect solution here. Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) developed by Wix, one of the leading and simplest web designing platform, can create your website in minutes based on your answers to a set of standard questions. Find out how this specially designed system of algorithms can create your site in just 5 minutes.

    How To Create A Website In 5 Minutes?

    Create A Website In 5 Minutes
    Create A Website In 5 Minutes

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    Artificial Intelligence Meets Web Designing

    As artificial intelligence (AI) makes its way into different aspects of application development, web designing and web development don’t have to remain out of its purview. Wix ADI is the first system of its kind that embraces AI into its algorithm. It can create beautiful and unique websites based on the requirements of the user. Wix Website Builder has already been an easy-to-use platform, but with this new AI-based system it has further speeded up and simplified the process.


    Wix ADI
    Wix ADI

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    How Does Wix ADI Work?

    As already mentioned, Wix ADI will ask you a set of simple questions to learn what kind of website you need. Some of the key aspects of this algorithm include:

    • It works on billions of probabilities and combinations based on your answers.
    • It will match the content and design in the best-possible way.
    • No two websites designed with Wix ADI will ever be same.
    • It gathers the most relevant and useful content from the web.
    • Answer the questions and you will have a beautiful and unique website ready in just minutes.

    how to create a website free of cost

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    Customize Your Website

    Once ADI has developed your site, you can edit the design and all the elements to further customize it. Edit all the colours and fonts, add images or even add videos to your site or specific sections on your pages.

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    Change the Site’s Design

    The site’s design can be customized by following these simple steps:

    • Click on ‘site design’ from within ADI
    • Click on ‘themes
    • Select the favorite design or personalize it as per your requirements
    • When you click on ‘customize design’ option, you will find several other customization options as explained below

    You can customize the Fonts and Font Size, and the Color palette on your site. There is also an option to customize the animations.

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    Customize Fonts & Alignment

    Once ADI has designed your website, you can customize the fonts used on your site, the fonts’ size in different areas or on the entire site. Wix ADI will automatically select font sets which complement each other.

    You can customize the font and font size of your entire website using the following steps:

    • Click on ‘site design’ within ADI
    • Click on ‘fonts
    • Choose any new font you like
    • Drag the slider to adjust the font’s size

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    If you want to adjust the font size of a specific section, follow these steps:

    • Click on the section
    • Click on ‘designs
    • Click on ‘customize design
    • Click on ‘text settings
    • Drag the slider to adjust the font size
    • You can also change the text alignment

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    Customize Website Colors

    Wix ADI also provides you with a vast choice of complementary color palettes. This makes it extremely easy for you to create beautiful websites that perfectly match your brand colors. And there is the option to customize the color palettes or you can also create your very own palettes.

    creating a website for your business

    One intelligent aspect of ADI is that when you add your business logo to your website, it will automatically extract colors from it to create a matching palette.

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    Further customization can be achieved using the following steps:

    • Click on ‘site design’ within Wix ADI
    • Click on ‘colors
    • Choose a new color palette

    The palette’s main color can be customized using the following steps:

    • Click on ‘site design’ from within Wix ADI
    • Click on ‘colors
    • Click on ‘design’ within Main Color Box
    • Select a color from the suggestions or click on ‘add’ to create custom color

    The color palettes in Wix ADI are created to match your site’s design. Even when you make changes to the main color, the algorithm will make suggestions to palette combinations for matching the main color.

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    So Wix ADI will not just create a custom site design, it will also allow you to further customize the final design. And all this can be done without the need for hiring any professional web designing agency. This video tutorial can further explain all the steps involved in using this artificial design intelligence program. The program has been developed over several years of research by the Wix team. Wix has had already created a revolution in the market with its website builder, but with Wix ADI it has further simplified website designing.

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