Cyclonis Password Manager Review – One-Stop-Shop For Password Management

    Cyclonis Password Manager Review: Do you forget your passwords often? A study says that about everyone using the internet forgets his or her password once in a lifetime. If you look closely, it is a very big number. Why does this happen? Everyone says security is the most important thing and for good security, you need to have a strong password.

    A strong password means Upper Case letters, Lower Case letters, characters, symbols and numbers. Adding to this, there are various platforms which require a strong password. A typical internet user has around 15 – 20 different passwords for different platforms. You can use a single password for all of them, but that’s not safe at all. Remembering all these passwords for different platforms is literally a very difficult thing. There has to be a better way and there is. It is a blessing that goes by the name CYCLONIS PASSWORD MANAGER.

    Cyclonis Password Manager Review – One-Stop-Shop For Password Management

    Cyclonis Password Manager Review – One-Stop-Shop For Password Management

    Cyclonis Password Manager is a software developed by Cyclonis Ltd and supported on both Windows & Mac. In simple English, it is a Password Manager that assists you in each and every task that relates to PASSWORDS. There are a lot of features that make your life easier and more productive. It assists you in creating strong passwords, retrieving passwords, storing passwords in an encrypted format and simply applying those passwords on the platforms that you require.

    You may contradict me by saying, “I don’t require a Password Manager, I will simply write all my passwords down on a piece of paper and keep that piece of paper with me at all times.” Well, that can be a serious security issue for you and at the time when you need that paper, you may not find it. It is simply better to have a Password Manager right where you need it the most.

    This is a comprehensive review of CYCLONIS PASSWORD MANAGER, where we discuss all the features of the software. If you are worrying it is a paid software and you don’t need it, there is definitely nothing to worry because it is FREE. If you are thinking it is just another Password & Account Manager, you are mistaken because it has an array of different features. Let’s dig in..!!

    Cyclonis Password Manager
    Cyclonis Password Manager

    About Cyclonis Password Manager:

    Browsers can save your passwords. You can write your passwords somewhere. You can try to remember all your passwords in your mind. These are three simple ways for managing your passwords and account information but let me tell you they are either insecure or inefficient. The simplest way to secure your Passwords along with Account Data is a Password Manager and CYCLONIS PASSWORD MANAGER does that very securely and efficiently. Let’s get into some features of CYCLONIS PASSWORD MANAGER.

    Features of Cyclonis Password Manager

    Features of Cyclonis Password Manager:

    1. Online Productivity:

    Today’s world means efficiency and productivity. You can’t waste time on remembering hard passwords and resetting them once you forget the passwords. CYCLONIS PASSWORD MANAGER helps you increase your online productivity and saves time because it is Simple to use and Lighting quick. You can store your passwords and account details of all platforms on CYCLONIS PASSWORD MANAGER and log into those platforms automatically with just a few clicks. In simple words, IT SAVES TIME.

    Cyclonis Password Manager Review

    2. Efficient & Secure Working:

    CYCLONIS PASSWORD MANAGER uses 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standards. Even online payment gateways use 128-bit Encryption which means it is much more secure. You may ask me, “If I store my Passwords & Account details on CYCLONIS PASSWORD MANAGER, they can simply steal everything.” Well, that is not the case. When you store your Passwords and Account details on CYCLONIS PASSWORD MANAGER, it encrypts them using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standards which can only be decrypted by you. It means that your data and Passwords are more than secure.

    It is super efficient as it integrates itself with the browsers on your PC in such a way that when you open a website, it will apply your details on the website. You just need to click to log into that website. It organises your Passwords & Account information in a great way that makes it easily accessible to you.

    One more feature that increases its efficiency is the fact that you can import your data from anywhere. It saves a lot of time in typing, juggling and copy-pasting.

    Cyclonis Password Manager Software

    3. Password Analyser & Generator:

    With the help of CYCLONIS PASSWORD MANAGER, you can create amazingly secure passwords for different platforms. There are a lot of options to choose from like simply alphabets, alphabets & numbers, alphabets & symbols and more.

    It also helps you analyse your current Passwords and their level of complexity. It has an inbuilt statistics tool that gives you information regarding all your passwords. It helps you improve your passwords and gives you tips regarding security. It even has a function that tells you what’s happening with different platforms all over the world.

    4. Banking & Notes:

    CYCLONIS PASSWORD MANAGER can easily remember important notes for you that you do not want to share with anyone. It even saves your banking information and payment details very securely. You can simply access them anytime at your finger-tips.

    Cyclonis Password Manager Review – One Stop-Shop For Password Management

    Other Features:

    There are several other features of CYCLONIS PASSWORD MANAGER that make your life easier. It syncs your data across multiple devices. It has the option of the Auto-fill web form. It has a two-factor authentication. It has many other features that you can fiddle with.


    You can download this software for Windows from the below button:

       Download Cyclonis Password Manager for Windows

    You can download this software for Mac from the below button:

       Download Cyclonis Password Manager for Mac


    We had our time with CYCLONIS PASSWORD MANAGER and we felt it is an efficient and easy to use Password Manager. Secondly, it is FREE and there are no hidden charges which make it way cooler. Thirdly, it saves you a lot of TIME. We feel it is a must-have on your PC. It is a very small application (5.2 MB for Windows & 77.6 MB for Mac) and does not need high system requirements. Go for it..!!

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