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    Are you planning to celebrate your birthday, engagement, baby shower, or any other happiness this weekend? If so, you should not forget to call your friends and family at this celebration. We cannot deny that life would be empty if we don’t celebrate our happy moments. And the crucial thing in all this context is spending your fun feelings with your close ones. Isn’t it? Today, many people ignore the traditions of sending invitations to make their loved ones feel special. 

    They only rush the process and leave a text message to attend the event. How awkward is it to treat your friends? Don’t forget to relive in the traditions! If you don’t have time to waste designing, printing, and mailing the cards, you can use an online invitation card maker free app. These apps will help you create free-of-cost e-cards that you can share with your friends on the go. Here are some of the best ones. Take a look!

    Understanding the keys to design a perfect invitation card 

    So, before you jump into the list of the best invitation maker apps, you should learn the keys to make it. Firstly, you should know that an invitation card must add value to the one you wish to invite. Similarly, there are many factors to consider before and while making you the invite. Here we have listed the top best ways to design a custom invitation card. Take a look and know the tricks!

    1.  Outline the details you want to add

    Here enters the first thing to consider before designing an invitation card. You have to make sure that whatever you add to your content should be simple and adorable. Also, you have to think about the events for which you are designing the invite. For example, you are inviting your colleagues or employees to an official seminar. Here you have to summarize the details professionally and formally. Similarly, if you are arranging a birthday party, you should keep things casual and aesthetic.

    2.  Consider the Correct Size

    Another thing to know is the correct size! You have to make sure that whatever design you pick must match the accurate size. One of the basic rules states that the more blank area on the card, the more enjoyable it is. Custom and classic designs are easier to notice for the mortal eye. Whatever size your card is, make sure you have the outer ratio between fonts and free space. You can use invitation card maker apps to pick the correct template and size.

    3.  Choose a Perfect Invitation Maker App

    It is one of the most crucial steps you must consider when it comes to designing a custom invitation card. Designing from scratch can be a daunting task, and it can consume a lot of your time. By picking a free invitation maker, you can design perfect custom invites without any hurdles. The best thing about these apps is they offer a wide range of templates that you can customize according to your preferences. These apps are free and versatile as they work as a birthday invitation card maker, greeting cards maker, and engagement invitation maker. So, download the best app on your smartphone and start designing the best invite cards for your party!

    4.  Choose the attractive themes

    Colours play with the human’s emotions and feelings; the prettier the colour combos, the more attractive invitation cards. So, be mindful over here and pick the best set of colours. Expert designers usually use a trick that adds perfection to every invite they make. Well, it is about the niche and the event for which a user is making that invite. They evaluate things and ask to talk about the details regarding the occasion. If it is an official setting, they will pick dark colours or themes according to their logo. If it is a family function, they will keep it mild and concise.

    5. Pick an Engaging Font

    Here enters yet another crucial key that you must consider while designing an invitation card. Your family and friends usually put in efforts to read what they mean to you. In other words, they want to know what you have written in the invite and what way you use to invite them. It is a bit awkward, but it is essential no matter what. Try to make your fonts simple and easy to read. They should be clear and aligned correctly. Also, you have to make sure that the font style must match with your event’s themes.

    6.  Less is more

    Try to make your invitation cards look sensual and fascinating. Surprise your people with monotony. We promise you that this method works! Use concise sentences. Give preference to minimalist fonts. Don’t make your card a meal by adding multiple images, emojis, or other visuals.

    Final Thoughts

    Life is all about spreading positivity and celebrating happiness with your loved ones. So, relive in the traditions by using invitation card maker apps. You can follow the above tips to make a perfect invite on the go!

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