How to Fix Discord Overlay Not Working

    Fix Discord Overlay Not Working: Discord is an application that is all in one instant voice, video, and text chat for video gamers. The application is available on desktop and mobiles both. The application has no cost and is quite popular among video gamers. The application is compatible with Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Discord is a freeware VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) application that is available in 27 different languages.

    Discord can connect to other applications such as Spotify, YouTube, Twitch, and many more. Discord also has an upgrade that is Discord Nitro which has better features like good video quality, good Livestream video quality, server boosting, higher upload limit, and much more but with a price.

    Lately, gamers have started facing overlay problems with the Discord. It can be quite frustrating and hence there are some methods that can help you solve your problem effectively by yourself without any hassle.

    In this article, I’ll let you know how to fix Discord overlay not working:

    How to Fix Discord Overlay Not Working

    1. Check if you have enabled overlay in Discord

    Before trying out any other fixes you should check if you have enabled in-game overlay in Discord. Most of the time it is disabled and hence you might be facing this problem.

    Steps to check:

    • Open Discord application and click on “Settings” (gear icon). Next click on the “Overlay” option on the left panel of the screen. Then make sure you have enabled in-game Overlay.

    Check if you have enabled overlay in Discord

    • Next step click on the “Games” option on the left panel of the screen. Check if you have enabled in-game overplay for the game you are playing.

    Some Tips:

    • If in-game overplay is not turned on you can click on the monitor icon to turn it on.
    • If your game is not on the list then add it under the Game Activity section.

    2. Disable Hardware acceleration in Discord

    Hardware acceleration makes use of GPU and sound crack to run Discord smoothly on your PC. It is seen the enabling Hardware acceleration can lead to Discord overlay problems. Hence you should disable Hardware acceleration in Discord to solve the overlay problem.

    Steps to disable:

    • Open the Discord application and click on the “Settings” (gear icon). Next click the “Appearance” option that will appear on the left panel of the screen.
    • Now turn off the Hardware “Acceleration option” only if it is turned on.

    Disable Hardware acceleration in Discord

    • Start your game again and check if you are still facing overlay problems.

    3. Run Discord as Administrator

    Running Discord as an administrator can help fix your overlay problems.


    • Open your Desktop. Make sure you have a Discord application shortcut on your screen.
    • Right-click on the Discord application. Then select “Properties”.
    • A popup window will open. Click on the “Compatibility” tab.
    • Then check the box of “Run this program as an administrator”. Then click “OK”.
    • Start your game again and check if you are still facing overlay problems.

    4. Disable all Third-party Antivirus application temporarily

    There might be a possibility that you are facing overlay problems because of the Third-party Antivirus applications available on your PC. Your Antivirus application may have flagged Discord or Discord’s overlay feature as a threat or suspicion.

    Try disabling all Third-party Antivirus applications temporarily. Now restart your game and check if your overlay problems are fixed. If not fixed you can start them again.

    Some Tips:

    • Read the manual of your Antivirus application and then accordingly follow the steps to disable it.
    • You can also try disabling Windows Firewall temporarily too.

    5. Reboot your PC

    Rebooting your PC might fix your overlay problem. This can help in getting rid of any glitch in Discord or your PC. You never know this might be an effective and small way to solve your overlay problem. So, reboot your PC and restart Discord.

    6. Update Discord

    It is important to make sure your application is up to date always. There is a possibility that you haven’t recently updated Discord. The version you might be using might be outdated and that why you must be facing overlay problems.

    There is also a possibility that the issue you are facing is because of any update of Discord that has a bug. If it is so you cannot fix it and you will have to wait till Discord releases a new update where this issue is fixed.

    7. Reinstall Discord Application

    If you have tried all the above methods to fix your overlay problem then reinstalling Discord is the only option left that could possibly fix your overlay problem. There is also a possibility that certain files of the application have got corrupt or missed during installation, in this case, it is advised to reinstall the application again.

    Hence uninstall Discord and reinstall it again on your PC.

    Steps to uninstall Discord:

    • Open your desktop. Go to Start menu and search for “Run” or on your keyboard click Windows + R together. This will open the run window.
    • To open Control Panel. Type “Control” and then press “Enter” on the keyboard or click on “Ok”.
    • Choose to view the Control Panel by “Category”. Then Click on “Uninstall a Program”.
    • A list of different programs available on your PC will appear. Double Click on Discord application to uninstall it.
    • Now Restart your PC.

    Steps to install Discord:

    • Install the Discord application from the official website on your PC.

       Download Discord

    • After installation, open Discord and run your game on it. Also, don’t forget to add your game too.
    • Now enable the in-game overlay feature for the game you are playing on Discord.
    • Restart your game on Discord and check if your overlay problems are fixed.

    Most of this method or fixes have fixed the problems for our users. You should try these methods yourself and hopefully one of these methods mentioned in the above list may fix your Discord overlay problem. So, do not stress unnecessarily. Let us know in the comment section which method fixed your problem.

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