Discord Top Secret Control Panel – Explained!

    Discord Top Secret Control Panel: Discord is an American instant messaging, VoIP, and digital distribution platform. Users can communicate with each other via voice calls, video calls, text, media, and more. Discord is quite popular among gamers. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Web browser, and Android.

    Discord servers are organized into topic-based channels where users can collaborate, share, or just talk about their everyday activities without clogging up a group chat. There are discord servers for gaming, fan clubs, yoga classes and so many more. Discord is for anyone who could use a place to talk with their friends and communities. Users can also stream a game with their friends, go live for projects, or just video chat.

    Discord server has an emoji library that users can customize however they like. A user can turn any image of their dog or their friend’s face into an emoji for the server to use. Discord is absolutely free to use for everyone.

    Discords API is available and free to use so users can build the features they need, from calendar integrations to full-fledged Dnd campaigns. With Discord, Nitro users can get an enhanced Discord experience for one low monthly cost. Users will be able to upgrade emojis, enjoy bigger file uploads, better voice and video chat, and more. The cost is $9.99 per month.

    How to Access the Discord Top Secret Control Panel?

    There are no unique or special requirements or strategies to get to the Discords Top Secret Control Panel. The feature is currently only visible on the desktop version of Discord. It won’t be visible on the Discord available on your cell phones be it for Android users or iOS users. Right now, the Secret Control Panel is available for Windows users only. Hence in order to access it require a laptop or computer.

    Next, you require Discord to be downloaded and installed on your laptop or computer. Make sure it is updated, if not then update it.

    Follow the steps below:
    • Visit the official website of Discord using any browser on your laptop or computer.
    • Now click on the Download section on the web page and then download the client on your PC or laptop.
    • Once downloaded you can find it in your Downloads folder.
    • Now before opening make sure to open it installed file as Admin on your PC or laptop to begin the installation.
    • Now click on the destination folder or patch folder where you would like the app to get installed on your laptop or PC.
    • Make sure to follow the instructions and wait patiently for the download process to complete.
    • After the installation, navigate to the notification bar and right-click on the discord icon on the desktop.
    • Now you will see the option of Top Secret Control Panel on the top of the list. The option will be a different color than the rest of the options. Click on it to open it.

    Why can’t I access the Discord Top Secret Control Panel?

    There might be various reasons why you can’t access Discord’s Top Control Panel. Some of them are listed below:

    • There is a possibility that this particular feature may not be accessible or can’t be used by Discord users. It’s conceivable that it is confined to only Discord representatives or Discord staff for the advancement or maintenance purposes of the application. Hence Discord users are restricted to making use of it.
    • It could likewise be conceivable that the feature is available only in the beta version of Discord and it can’t be accessed right now by all the Discord users. This is presumed for now. You can also update Discord to see if you can access the feature or no.
    • Another alternative is that the Discord developers put this feature on purpose to intrigue the Discord users. We actually feel like this is a valid reason, in any case, there is no official word from the organization yet on this issue. By doing this they created a curiosity in the minds of Discord users and hence the users now want to know more about it.

    Does the Discord Top Secret Control Panel really exist?

    According to our research, we have checked that there is indeed a Top Secret Control Panel thing accessible on the desktop users of Discord only for now. Mobile users of Discord cannot see the feature for now. We also assume it may have been an error by the developers of Discord or they might have deliberately positioned this feature in the notifier bar to intrigue the Discord users about it.

    Actually, it wouldn’t make sense for such a huge organization like Discord to pull off a trick like this to gain attention from Discord users. Thus, we think that this feature is maybe a work in progress feature for now and may come out eventually after the development is complete as a new feature altogether for all Discord users.

    For now, that’s all the information we have about the Discord Top Secret Control Panel. We will surely update the article if we find any other updates or news regarding it.

    We hope that the article was informative and solved all your doubts regarding the Discord Top Control Secret Panel. Let us know what you want to see next on our website in the comments below. Happy new year!

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