Do you Need Special Tech to Play Poker on Mobile Devices?

    Poker is one of the most simplistic games out there in terms of gameplay, which is one of the reasons why it is played by millions. It boomed in popularity during the 2000s thanks to the rise of high-speed internet and has evolved to become even better since. Poker has found a home with mobile audiences, who make up a huge percentage of the gaming industry – there are 2.2 billion mobile gamers worldwide. For most forms of the game, the best technology on the market isn’t necessary. But for serious players who want to enhance their experience, there are some nifty pieces of kit available to ramp things up a bit.

    Do you Need Special Tech to Play Poker on Mobile Devices?

    Poker is playable from nearly any smartphone
    Poker is playable from nearly any smartphone

    What Specs are needed on a Mobile Device for a Good Playing Experience?

    The good news for poker players who like to build up their stacks while on the move is that most modern smartphones can be used for playing poker apps. For people starting out, a low-end option such as the Honor 10 Lite or the Huawei P Smart is just as capable as high-end devices such as the Samsung S10+ or the iPhone XR. Ambitious players could even set goals of purchasing the latest top model when they have won enough from playing poker on the cheaper device. Successful poker players in the past have managed to win a significant amount of money starting off with a small bankroll. Take the 2017 World Series of Poker winner, Scott Blumstein, for instance. He initially began playing poker online until he had enough money to pay into the Las Vegas tournament. He went on to be the last man standing and walked away with just over $8 million.

    It is partly because poker has lightweight graphics that even the low-end phones can run the games. Poker was available on the early generations of smartphones before the devices could do all the things they do today. That’s part of the reason why the popularity of the card game is still growing.

    As noted above, players can go for a low-end or mid-range smartphone to enjoy a game of poker. But the latest generations of the phone make playing the games even more enjoyable because they are able to run faster and have more refined visuals. Obviously, for a better playing experience, it makes sense to go for higher end models with a more advanced screen resolution.

    The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is considered to be one of the most visually stunning offerings on the market right now and the decade anniversary offering has a 6.4 inch 1440p Dynamic AMOLED display with HDR10+ support and dynamic tone-mapping technology. This makes for one of the crispest displays of any smartphone ever made and allows for high definition viewing of games and other media. For players who like to enjoy online poker tournaments which tend to take a number of hours to complete, having an advanced screen resolution like this is easier on their eyesight.

    In terms of playing online poker games from mobile, players have the option to download apps or play through a browser. HTML5 means that playing through a browser is just as good on mobile as it is on desktop, but some of the biggest sites have their own downloadable apps as well. The online poker app from 888poker is free to download for IOS and Android, and players can log in to it using the same account as they would on desktop. No matter what game they enjoy, from Texas Hold’em to Omaha Hi-Lo, playing on mobile is easy and convenient.

    What are the Most Useful Gadgets for Playing Poker on Mobile?

    There are numerous gadgets on the market now which can help make the poker playing experience on mobile more enjoyable. There are also features that come with the highest spec models of the smartphone which can improve play and open up new possibilities.

    For hardware which actually comes installed on the device, a front camera will be needed to play offerings like PokerCam. PokerCam is a way of playing poker online which aims to combine real world and digital elements. The feature allows players to see each other while playing so that they can attempt to get a read from facial expressions and other subconscious cues. This can be done using a webcam on desktop computers or a front-facing camera on mobile devices. The Huawei Mate 20 Pro has one of the best selfie cameras on the market and the device comes with a 24 MP front-facing camera which provides excellent detail.

    Some of the most useful wearables on the market now are wireless earphones, which appear set to completely negate the need for wires in the future. Apple began this craze with the AirPods in 2016. The wireless earphones came with a microphone, dual accelerometers, IR sensors, and motion touch sensors. The earphones connect to the device using Bluetooth and have become hugely popular due to their convenience and ease of use. Samsung recently released its offering, the Galaxy Buds, and these are considered by review sites to be even better than the Apple product.

    Galaxy Buds come in a handy carry case which provides additional charge for the wearable device when they are stored away. This can then be put on any of the Samsung S10 range of phones for wireless charging. When users get the earphones out of the case, they instantly link up with the mobile device. They have quickly proven to be much more useful and convenient than wired earphones which can easily get tangled up.

    When playing poker, players can put their phone down and walk around when not in a hand. They will hear the alerts through the wireless earphones telling them when it is their turn to act again, so they won’t miss any of the action. This is great for long tournaments where players can often become impatient staring at a screen for hours. It’s a good idea to break up play by moving around, doing some exercise or going to make a snack.

    Another useful gadget for mobile poker players is a Wi-Fi mesh network. This is a modern answer to the problem that wireless routers have in reaching every area of a house. A multi-node system is a solution which helps reach the dead zones and ensures that mobile poker players can walk around the house and always stay connected. The Linksys Velop is considered to be one of the best systems available and it is IPv6 compatible with parental controls. It is one of the most expensive options out there, but for what it can do it could be worth the outlay.

    MMORPGs and FPS Games Require the Best Tech

    Modern technology and high-end gadgets can help enhance the poker playing experience and, for people who make a living out of playing the game, going for the best kit is advisable. In terms of games, though, poker is one which requires some of the lowest specs in terms of being able to run it. When comparing it to other genres, such as MMORPGs and FPS, this becomes apparent.

    While a lot of MMORPGs and FPS can be played from high-end mobiles, even the best devices struggle to do the games justice. Serious players who play titles like Overwatch on the eSports circuit will play from a computer with at least an Intel Core i3 and Intel HD Graphics 4400. Mobiles are still way behind computers in this regard.

    Poker has become one of the most popular games on the planet because of the way it has grown and evolved in tandem with technology. It has always been playable from smartphones but has also become more impressive as this platform has advanced into the booming industry it is today.

    Virtual and augmented reality are likely to become interlinked with mobile in the next few years and when this happens, it is expected that there will be more changes in the poker industry. The game could certainly make good use of this technology and it could expand on ideas like PokerCam which aim to combine real-world and online elements of poker. Through the use of VR, players could actually feel as though they are sitting around a table with other players from all over the world. The good thing is, even players who can’t afford to invest in the latest gadgets like this will still be able to play older forms of poker. This flexibility is one of the reasons why poker looks set to remain popular for many years to come.

    Playing poker on mobile is something which has been a possibility for a long time because the game is available to almost anyone’s budget of the smartphone. But purchasing advanced models and nifty gadgets can enhance the playing experience further.

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