How to Download Videos From Voot on PC & Android

    Voot is a website for which is famous for watching videos, television series and shows, and even you can watch movies on this site. It organises around 895 live TV channels. Thus this website is the best one for movie lovers. As any movie or show can be watched at our desired time. The show that you watch on television can be viewed only once, but this website comes with the advantage of watching your favourite TV series as many times as the user desires. It is a versatile and flexible website as you can access it from both your smartphones as well as your laptops or PCs. How to Download Videos From Voot on PC & Android

    Features of Voot:

    • There are three view modes available on the site that the user can choose of their own accord. The view modes are high-quality definition, auto mode and data saving. Thus the user can select the mode according to their wish and also be considered about their internet connectivity.
    • Voot allows you to share your liked videos with your friends and family. The videos you share will be recommended to them. Thus this site provokes networking and connecting facility.
    • This website is regularly updated with upcoming TV shows day to day and also the originals of Voot itself. Thus there is no lagging behind. The user stays updated always.
    • This website also analyses the liked and disliked shows on it and accordingly recommends the shows to the users so that they can select the show they want to watch in a better way.
    • The video which streams on this website is entirely free and hence versatile. This makes it a user-friendly website.
    • Moreover, an app version of this site is also available on the Google Play Store for the convenience of the users. Thus videos can be watched on the smartphones by downloading this application.

    Thus this is a whelming heart app and liked by so many users because it directly allows the users to access any videos and therefore saves their time in searching all around for it in different websites. There is no direct download option for saving the videos. The videos can be downloaded indirectly about which we are going to discuss over here.

    Download Videos From Voot

    How to Download Videos From Voot on PC & Android

    I have seen many sites are sharing the guide on voot video downloader for pc but our mission is different. How Tech Hack is providing you with the tutorial of Download Videos From Voot on PC & Android. Not the regular garbage which you find on other sites. Hence, you can use the online voot video downloader. Follow the below steps to download voot videos: –

    The methods should be followed stepwise to get it done correctly.

    How to Download Videos From Voot on Android:


    Method 1: BY USE OF ADOWNLOADER (voot video downloader apk): Adownloader is a very useful software by which the user can download any video from voot website which is otherwise directly not possible.

    • Developer of Adownloader- Ansha Team
    • It is available for free.
    adownloader for voot

    How to Download Video From Voot in Mobile:

    The steps are the following:

       ADownloader Download

    • Then just go the voot website ( and search and navigate to the video you want to download.
    • Now what you need to do is just copy the above link – address of the video and paste it on the Adownloader software as it is.
    • Then click on the search icon and wait for the corresponding and desired results to be displayed.
    • Then the resolution or result options list appears from which you can select a particular resolution option as you desire and upon your internet connection.
    • Now the downloading procedure initiates as soon as you click on “YES” option after an appropriate resolution is selected.

    Thus that’s all about this step, and your preferred video starts downloading. This method is a straightforward method, and the steps can be easily covered, and the attempt is sure to be successful. The downloading time of the video depends upon how secure your internet connection is and the size of the video.

    How to Download Videos From Voot on PC:

    Method 2: USING 9XBUDDY WEBSITE– This particular method is useful for downloading videos is MAC or Windows PC. This process does not require download of any software for the required execution. The downloaded videos will be in WMV format. Thus the videos will be of larger size than that of original because of this WMV format.

    how to download voot videos in pc online

    How to Download Voot Videos in PC Online:

    The steps of this specific method are:

    • First of all, go the website and navigate to your preferred video which you want to download.
    • Then copy the link- address from the address bar above.
    • Then open a new tab and type and hit the enter button.
    • Now all you need to do is to paste that copied link on the search box of this 9xbuddy website. Then click on the download option which will be located next to the search box.
    • On display of results, since it selects an appropriate option of format for downloading the video on your device. WMV format is the recommended one for doing so.
    • Once the format is selected, the final step is to click on the “Download Now” option, and as soon as you click on it, the process of downloading the video initiates.

    Thus you can get to your favourite videos as many times as you desire for. Once the video is downloaded on your device, you can watch that video sometimes directly from the device. So it deprives you of opening the site again and again for watching your liked videos. This way your favourite videos always remain in your hands, and it can then be watched without using data again and again.


    To conclude upon this topic, I would like to say that it will always be sensible to download the desired and liked videos/serials from voot website by the methods provided above as then you will need not to search it again and again and data usage for watching it numerous times will also be less. Smart work is always appreciated and so the saving of data.

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our Download Videos From Voot, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

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