Ease Learning: Top 12 Apps for Students

    Short but regular lessons are much more effective than hours of learning new topics. With a smartphone and modern mobile apps, studying gets as easy as looking for betting odds on 22Bet: it’s engaging and accessible anytime and anywhere. Here’s the apps for students to master different topics and plan your time properly.


    On Google Play and the App Store, you can find tons of organizers and planners, but Wunderlist is loved for its simplicity and functionality. This app helps:

    • Create weekly and daily task lists.
    • Share lists, assign an executor.
    • Set reminders, notifications.
    • Attach comments, files, subitems to lists.
    • Create thematic folders with tasks.
    • Tag lists with hashtags for easy searching.

    Send tasks to your friend, make a checklist for preparing for exams, remind yourself of a project deadline – you can do everything with Wunderlist! You can log into your account from any device – just install the app and sync.


    Udemy offers about 80,000 courses, ranging from programming languages like Python and Java to training in personal growth and self-development, design, drawing, yoga, and blogging. In addition, there are both paid and free courses offered here, and access to materials is retained forever in either case. Besides, the language support is excellent, with courses offered in more than 50 languages.

    CARROT To-Do

    This app implements task management in game form – in addition to the scheduler function, it also plays the role of a virtual pet. It has built-in mini-games and achievements. 

    The app has built-in reminders – for example, if a day has passed since you did something useful from your to-do list, the app will automatically remind you about it. 

    The app also “prods” the user with sarcastic comments and urges to do things. 


    The TimeTable app is designed for those who do not need extra options, just a schedule that will always be at their fingertips.

    Here are the main advantages:

    • Simple, bright interface that can be customized.
    • The schedule can be uploaded directly to your phone screen saver.

    One Big Thing

    This mobile app will appeal to anyone who likes to stick stickers on their monitor so that important tasks are always in front of them. It’s designed for one big goal, to which you can add several smaller ones.

    With a quick glance at your phone screen, it’s easy to see what you have to do today. It’s perfect to focus on what’s important and not lose enthusiasm while making another multi-level list.

    Remember The Milk: To-Do List

    It’s one of the first apps that hit the market back in 2005. Since then, the program has evolved – for example, “smart” lists have been added that can be used as filters. For example, you can collect only high-priority tasks into them. 

    Here are the main features of the platform:

    • Working in offline mode. 
    • Sorting and using notification colors, tags. 
    • Setting a start date for a specific task. 
    • Creating subtasks to tasks. 

    In general, the app is not bad, with quality filters, but features, typicl for other apps, are available only in the premium version.

    iStudiez Pro

    iStudiez Pro is an electronic diary that you can customize and open from your smartphone. It will contain everything: schedule, teachers’ names, important dates, homework, plans for the semester, and even grades if necessary.

    The notification system reminds you of tasks, events, and study plans for the current day. You just need to find the time and carefully fill in all the forms to make your diary work like clockwork. 

    Microsoft To Do

    Microsoft To Do was a prototype for many planners. It is simple: the user creates lists with tasks (one line – one task) and marks them as they are done.

    There is a system of notifications, which is convenient to use for recurring events. For example, you can set reminders of due dates for tests or essays or schedule consultations before exams.


    A program for studies with which it is possible to create electronic mind-maps. The application helps you quickly take notes on lectures and organize the material, displaying it as a scheme, diagram, chart. For example, to make a project plan, briefly write down the main events of the XVIII century.

    You can add links, photos, audio clips, mark them and attach labels to the sub-items. In the paid version it is possible to save files in PDF format, send them into Word or PowerPoint.

    Things 3

    With Things 3, you can effectively manage projects and achieve your goals. The basis of the app are tasks, these are the basic “bricks” that you use to achieve your big goals. In tasks you can leave notes, add tags, break them into lists, and set deadlines. 

    The tasks themselves are attached to projects – big goals, expressions of your dreams. There you can categorize them into sections. Projects are grouped by area of life – for example, Work, Study, Health, and so on.


    Originally it was a program for creating cards for different subjects and topics, but today Quizlet offers 7 learning modes, tools for drawing diagrams and also the ability to create training courses and invite students to them.

    Here’s what you can do in Quizlet:

    • Create cards to memorize topics.
    • Automatically generate exercises and tests.
    • Get a personalized learning plan.
    • Use pre-made learning modules.
    • Complete a Quizlet Live learning game.
    • Start a training course and invite students.
    • Track the progress of all invitees.

    There are modules for science, social studies, math, culture and art, and foreign languages. The teacher section is free to use for 30 days.


    This is a collection of lectures from TED conferences. There are over 2,000 lectures on a wide variety of topics, mostly devoted to the dissemination of innovative scientific ideas. The best videos of the web resource are available for free, subtitled in 100 languages, there is online streaming of the radio of the same name, all video and audio materials are available for download, and you can also create your own playlists.

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