Elm Agent App: What Is & How To Remove It?

    The full form of Elm is Emulated Legacy Mount. Elm Agent App can be described as a software application that is found in Android smartphones. It is often referred to as Bloatware too. This software application is often preinstalled.

    Elm Agent app transmits and gathers data to the Elm sever that further helps to provide full control to protect and secure your privacy. The app helps to protect personal information and work information by tracking numerous data on your smartphone. It tracks data from different sources like messages, phone calls, emails, GPS, and voicemails. It mostly used for different business-related services like file changes in a business network. It is more of a questionable app since regular customers do not know about it.

    The app is safe although it takes up a lot of the smartphone battery. Some consumers have complained that their smartphones get hotter or the temperature of their phones rises in minutes. Some say that they have experienced their phone battery gets drained faster when the app is activated. There is also a 5 to 10 seconds delay or freezing when calls are made or received by android consumers.

    If you too are searching online about how to disable or uninstall the Elm Agent App then you have reached the right article. In this article, we will let you know how to disable and uninstall the Elm Agent App by yourself.

    How to disable the Elm Agent app on your smartphone?

    The elm Agent App does not need any third party applications to disable it. If your disable the app you have the option to enable the app again in the future.

    Follow the steps below to do it yourself:
    • Step 1: Go to the Settings option of your smartphone.
    • Step 2: List of options will be displayed. Scroll down and select the option Application/Apps/My Apps. The names can be different on different smartphones.
    • Step 3: Now list of different apps available on your smartphone will be displayed. Scroll down and search for the Elm app. Note that the Elm Agent App might have different names on different smartphones.
    • Step 4: Once you find the Elm Agent app then tap on it. You will see 2 options. One to force stop the application and the other to disable it. Go ahead and choose the Disable option.
     NOTE – Do not choose the Force stop option as it could lead to internal troubles. 

    Now the Elm Agent App is successfully disabled on your smartphone. You can follow the same steps when you want to enable the Elm Agent App again.

    How to remove the Elm Agent App from your smartphone?

    If you do not wish to disable the Elm Agent App on your smartphone and want to get rid of it completely from your smartphone then you can uninstall or remove it.

    Follow the steps below to do it yourself:
    • Step 1: Go to the Settings option of your smartphone.
    • Step 2: List of options will be displayed. Scroll down and select the option Lock screen security/Security/Lock screen or Finger print/Other Security Settings. The names can be different in different smartphones.
    • Step 3: Now scroll down and select Device Administration option.
    • Step 4: Now uncheck or deactivate the first option that appears on the top. Now exit from the settings and come back to the home screen of your smartphone.
    • Step 5: Now you can go head and uninstall or remove the Elm Agent app from your smartphone safely.
    • Step 6: After uninstalling a pop up with appear that will cancel or deactivate the Elm Agent App. Now tap on the deactivate option and uninstall it.

    Is the Elm Agent App a Spyware?

    No, the app is not a spyware it is just an ordinary android app that helps to track and monitor you phone activities. It is a safe app that is keeps track of different information form different sources on your smartphone like emails, messages, phone calls, passwords, different pages visited. Al the information gathered is stored safely in the Elm servers. The app in no way misuses the information gathered by sending it to any other third party with your knowledge.

    Can the Elm Agent App be removed without the Rooting process?

    Yes, it can the Elm Agent App can be uninstalled or removed from your smartphone without doing the rooting process. The rooting process is followed so the process is easy and safe. But it is not compulsory to follow it.

    Ahh! Looks like we reached the end of this article. We hope that the article was informative and solved all your doubts and questions regarding the Elm Agent App. Please let us know what you want to see next on our website in the comments below!

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