EPSS: Modern-day tool with the best results

    Organizations cannot fulfill goals or increase revenue unless their users perform well. According to a recent survey, employees squander 19.8 percent of their time — the equivalent of one day every week – looking for knowledge to accomplish their jobs.

    Organizations are adopting new technologies and software applications at an unprecedented rate as they continue to undergo digital transformation. These new software platforms have significantly increased labor productivity and efficiency. What happens, however, when staff are unfamiliar with these tools or have difficulty utilizing some complex capabilities of a platform? These application pain points may have a significant negative impact on businesses.

    To address this challenge, firms are implementing performance support systems to assist their employees in completing projects more quickly while also enhancing their quality.

    Any computer software application or component that increases user performance is referred to as an electronic performance support system (EPSS).

    EPSSs can assist a company in lowering the cost of employee training while enhancing productivity and performance. They can enable staff to do jobs with minimal external assistance or training. Using this sort of method, an employee, particularly a new employee, will frequently not only be able to do his or her task more quickly and properly but will also learn more about the job and the employer’s business as a side benefit.

    An EPSS is most useful when

    Individual effectiveness in a commercial context requires people to know.

    Proficient performers devote a significant amount of effort to assisting less skilled performers.

    New employees must begin performing duties immediately, and training is unfeasible, unavailable, or limited.

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    Employees must be coached through a difficult procedure or task that cannot be remembered.

    These circumstances frequently arise when new systems (e.g., customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning) are introduced, upgraded, or integrated, as well as in contact centers where agents must utilize sophisticated systems, procedures, or products.

    Given below are some of the types of the performance support system:

    • Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs): DAPs are solutions that connect directly on top of current software applications, to assist users in learning how to use the tool and thereby increasing digital adoption rates. DAPs enable businesses to offer relevant, in-the-moment-of-need content such as interactive walkthroughs, app advice, popups and beacons, self-help FAQs, and more.

    • Knowledge Base Software: Knowledge base software enables firms to construct internal and external hubs where workers and users may search self-help information for solutions to their specific problems.

    Here are some of the benefits of the electronic performance support system:

    1. Increased Adoption of Digital Technology

    Teams may utilize performance support systems to provide customized content that is integrated directly within their apps, allowing users and staff to be led through a tool or discover answers to problems without leaving the app interface. Internal employees will benefit from the increased adoption of enterprise apps, resulting in a more productive workforce that is utilizing their software stack.

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    This enables firms to reach their technology ROI targets. These EPSS technologies enable enterprises that develop their apps and software to improve their user experience through improved contextual onboarding and continual learning.

    1. More Skilled Software Users

    By answering specific inquiries, performance assistance tools transform novice users into experienced users. This enables businesses to develop material depending on how each function used a technology. Users will be able to discover the best return on investment from utilizing these programs as they become more comfortable with sophisticated capabilities.

    1. More Contextual Assistance

    As previously said, EPSS solutions eliminate the need for HR staff to develop generic training courses and employee onboarding processes – with performance support systems, each distinct position may discover unique questions to issues that only their department or role confronts.

    1. Less reliance on product support

    Organizations will be able to deflect support tickets with self-service help, decreasing the pressure on their product support personnel. This enables firms to deliver better customer service, spend more time on each ticket-fixing a problem, and minimize the cost of their support crew.

    1. Self-Sufficiency of the Workforce

    Employers who provide self-help performance assistance encourage the concept of discovering answers on your own, resulting in a self-sufficient workforce. This empowers employees, resulting in self-assured team members who seek solutions to their questions.

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