Everything You Need To Know About ‘WhatsApp Business’

    In a blink of eyes, WhatsApp became a necessity from a mere Android application. Whether it is asking mom what she has made for dinner or ordering a wallet from an Instagram page, WhatsApp comes handy. However, after noticing the growth in the usage of WhatsApp for commercial purposes, especially in Asia, it has finally decided to dedicate a separate app known as “WhatsApp Business” which is a perfect tool to engage with your clients and handle your customers.

    Everything You Need To Know About ‘WhatsApp Business’

    WhatsApp Business
    Everything You Need To Know About ‘WhatsApp Business’

    What’s New in WhatsApp Business?

    The person downloading WhatsApp Business will create a business profile that will be verified by the authenticity of the brand they are dealing with. With that done, the user can find the legit user by a green checkmark badge on their verified accounts—slightly similar to Facebook’s verified badge.

    Whatsapp Business Features:

    There is an option of auto response where you can fore-set the response that will be automatically sent. Slightly advanced than the normal WhatsApp, you can move the entire block of your messages to another device with the feature called Chat Migration. Lastly, you get an analytic tool through which you can analyse the pace of your sale and number of customers you’re doing happy dealing with on the monthly basis.

    While the logo of WhatsApp Business is different than that of WhatsApp’s, the app appears identical on downloading.

    To avoid creation of fake applications as one has already been downloaded by the name of Updated Whatsapp Messenger and most of the spams, WhatsApp has published an article where it has answered all the important questions related to WhatsApp Business.

    “We also provide you with the tools you need to control your experience with businesses. You can block business accounts and report them as spam at any time, right within the chat,” An excerpt from the article says.

    WhatsApp Business is presently in the testing stage and very soon will be available on play store and to download. But still you can download beta version of WhatsApp Business Apk for Android.

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