Facebook’s New Captcha Test Tells You To Upload Your Picture

    Security has always been Facebook’s priority. Whether it be removing unwanted graphics or blocking duplicate accounts, it has always been atop the other social networks. Perhaps, it is also one of the reasons Facebook has over 800 million active users.

    Facebook's New Captcha Test Tells You To Upload Your Picture
    Facebook’s New Captcha Test Tells You To Upload Your Picture

    However, Facebook has taken itself to the next level. According to the recent report, you can be asked to upload your picture—that too your face legibly visible—as it’ll be used to verify that you’re not a robot.

    “Please upload a photo of yourself that clearly shows your face,” a screenshot in the report reads.

    Moreover, it further promises that your photo will be withheld from the server just after the completion of the verification. It’s somewhere akin to the story where users were told to upload their nude photo to safeguard themselves from the revenge porn.

    Surprisingly enough, something matchable to the incident was reported on the social platform Reddit at the beginning of the year.

    Facebook's New Captcha
    Facebook’s New Captcha

    According to a statement came from a Facebook spokesperson’s mouth during the interview with the WIRED, the purpose of the photo test is this: “it helps us catch suspicious activity at various points of interaction on the site, including creating an account, sending Friend requests, setting up ads payments, and creating or editing ads.

    It tells the tale of both Facebook’s technological health as well its hunger for its customers’ bliss that the whole process of image verification is automated. The algorithm searches the uniqueness in the uploaded picture and thus eliminates all sorts of spams in attempt to make Facebook safer and more trustworthy.

    Despites the assurance, it will still be uneasy for many users to reveal their faces, however, as it promises your picture’s removal, there should not be much to worry if you have to do it one day as it will make your own Facebook securer.

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