Find Zendesk alternative to improve customer experience

    Looking for a Zendesk alternative for your help desk needs? Here are the top 4 solutions to help improve your business & customer experience.

    Why look for something different

    Regarding cloud-based helpdesk software, you won’t find anything better than Zendesk.

    Zendesk offers almost everything a business needs:

    • integrated customer support;
    • knowledge base and intelligent self-service capabilities;
    • real-time chat messaging;
    • integrated voice software.

    All this is intended for you to deliver superior customer support and take your customer experience to the next level.

    And even though this solution could be good for businesses like Venmo, Slack, Uber, and Shopify, it doesn’t follow that your company will benefit from using it.

    So, let’s examine some of the top Zendesk substitutes for those looking for something different.


    One of the most well-liked Zendesk competitors is Freshdesk, which is favored by over 40,000 users, including Panasonic, HP, and American Express. Many of the Zendesk capabilities are also available in this customer support software, but with more flexible and cost-effective plan alternatives.

    The purpose of Freshdesk is to assist companies of all sizes in easily scaling their customer experience without the expense and complexity of old software. They achieve this by enabling companies to set up automation to deliver support tickets to the appropriate support agents automatically. 

    This software also includes conflict detection to help ensure that multiple agents are not working on the same issue or request.

    Help Scout

    Thanks to its extensive feature set and user-friendly interface, Help Scout has been named one of the top Zendesk alternatives on numerous lists of customer service software. 

    Help Scout, which is trusted by more than 10,000 organizations like Reddit, Litmus, and AngelList, wants to give corporations access to technologies that “service people in the most humane and gratifying way.” They accomplish this by providing a platform for customer support that was created with a client-centric business in mind.

    Help Scout makes it easy for companies to track customer interactions from ticket opening to closing. It also offers self-service portals, including knowledge bases, to help customers find answers to their questions without contacting the help desk.


    Jitbit is a help desk software and ticketing system that offers both on-premises and cloud versions of SaaS software.

    The app offers several advantages over Zendesk:

    • number of tickets clients can raise;
    • file attachment sizes;
    • minimum and maximum number of agents you can assign;
    • API requests.

    You get all this while paying a much lower price.

    ESPN, HP, Philips, Siemens, Oracle, Adobe, Xerox, GE, VMWare, and Vodafone are notable companies that use Jitbit services.


    Groove helps streamline the customer support process by enabling customer service agents to provide support via email, Twitter, Facebook, chat, phone, and text. This all-in-one customer service software also offers a support widget that companies can display on their website to help customers use their knowledge base and open support tickets when needed.

    This software allows companies to create a knowledge base and customer portal to help customers answer their questions in advance. With many valuable integrations, Groove also offers users an intuitive user interface that makes it easy and quick to learn how to use the software.

    It’s best for companies that want to cut support hours by making the most of automation and businesses that need customer support software that integrates with their existing systems.

    Choose your Zendesk alternative

    There are so many different alternatives to Zendesk that there really is something for everyone. 

    The best option for you will depend on what features you think you need and what software fits your budget.

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