Free One Year Access To Paid VPN Plan. Use This Code To Avail

    Ever heard of VPNs? If not, VPN is a technology used to protect your online traffic from snooping. Imagine a secure tunnel that hides your data from the eyes of your Internet provider, Wi-Fi neighbors, and hackers. Pages you visit, images you download are encrypted by a VPN tunnel and decrypted only on your device. VPN is widely used for security purposes by businesses, corporations, governments and the military.

    Paid VPN Free
    Paid VPN Free

    Well, there are a lot of free VPNs claiming to offer secure connections to its users, but think, why would anyone give something for free?

    Remember, for-profit organizations charge their customers either by cash or by other means. These days, the biggest sacrifice a customer can make to any company is not money, but their data. Online companies can gather bulk details of their customers and sell them for money. That’s another way of making money besides charging subscriptions.

    So, it’s better to use any paid plans of VPNs that’s genuinely provide secure connections. VPN masters like Nord VPN, Tunnel bear, Turbo VPN, etc. Getting paid plans of them for free are hard. You may get discounted plans, but not so often.

    Here, we offer you one of the finest VPN, which is currently running a free access program to registered users.


    All you need to do is just registering into it.


    Note: Enter the promocode “BF2019” while registering, so that makes you eligible for a one-year subscription of a basic paid plan.

    Availing this offer via the website is fine. But you need to download its app and logging in helps you enable VPN when needed.

    Logon to the app and give access to function. Select the country you desire and setup the connection. Done. 

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