Freelancers: Tweak Your Time Management System with This Simple Feature

    Do you want to build your clients’ trust as a freelancer? Do you charge by the hour? Do you want to see how your time is spent?

    If so, you need to add time-tracking software to your operating system. Doing so will give you an edge competitively and financially.

    How to Manage Your Time – Digitally

    One small and basic feature can make a big difference in how you work as a freelancer. For instance, you can make it easier to charge clients and see how you are using your time by reviewing the time you spend on certain tasks. This makes freelance time tracking a reliable and cost-effective pursuit.

    For example, you may work as a freelance writer and charge by the hour. To keep track of your hours, you might use a time tracker to see just how much time you are devoted to specific tasks. This will enable you to prioritize your tasks and make better use of the time you spend on a project.

    Assessing How You Use Your Time

    This type of program can also be used for billing to see how your time is spent. Moreover, you can set up tracking for each client for whom you work. When you add the hours you worked to your invoice, again, the client will see just how much time was spent on their project. You don’t have to keep track of your time manually and include it on a separate invoice. The time tracking software takes care of all the details instead.

    After all, you are a freelancer and freelancers make their own schedules. Time tracking software gives you the freedom to do just that. If you need to take a break, answer a call, or pursue another activity, you can review the time spent later and make any needed adjustments.

    Therefore time tracking software for the freelancer is a beneficial, must-have application. By using the software, you can boost efficiency and assess your workflow so you can make the most of your and your client’s time.

    Analyzing Your Workday Schedule

    The software also allows you to review task analytics so you can arrange your schedule during the day. It enables you to see where you should place your priorities so you don’t spend time on tasks that can wait.

    Reviewing Employee Workflow

    If you are a freelancer who has employees or contractors helping you, you can use time tracking software to assess the workflow of your support staff and improve overall accountability. 

    Use the tracking software to streamline bookkeeping and payroll too. By using the application, you will find it easier to communicate with clients and retain people who are working for you.

    Time tracking software also gives you more insight into where you spend your money and how regularly your clients pay. You can manage freelance finances more easily if you can monitor your time and bill clients using one comprehensive platform.

    Some Final Notes

    If you wish to keep on top of your invoicing and time tracking process, you need a software tracking system that supports a busy freelance lifestyle. By using a time tracker that gives you this advantage, you can improve your overall performance and build more trust between your clients and yourself.

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