Gaming Smartphones Are Still A Thing In A Gaming World

    There was a time when we were crazy for gaming smartphones as kids who would always show off their gadgets. The world of gaming kept going through evolution like the rest of the technology. While the size LCDs and monitors increased, we started to need a bigger screen also to play games. We anyway had a fairytale called PlayStation—and it somewhere outweighed gaming smartphones for some obvious reasons.

    However, do gaming smartphones really are something to be subordinated? What about you getting stuck on a slowly moving train and just missing your PlayStation at home? While having a gaming smartphone will make you a point of envy as you’ll save yourself from the monotony. Therefore, gaming smartphones are still a thing in a gaming world—but only if we think beyond its GUI(graphical user interface).

    Gaming Smartphones Are Still A Thing In A Gaming World

    Gaming Smartphones Are Still A Thing In A Gaming World

    Gaming Smartphones Mean Group Fun

    In a mobile game like Mortal Combat 4, you can play with your friends as a team. With that, you can also make gamer friends—sitting in the different places of the world. Most importantly, it provides a leaderboard that can be customized—making it competitive without any sort of pressure.

    Buy Once Play Anywhere

    Imagine you get to play French roulette while sitting in your blanket? It means no embarrassment of losing money like you face in a casino. Something similar is with gaming smartphones. You can play games with your privacy and no sibling or peer is there to peek into your screen for that long, unlike the PlayStation.

    French Roulette
    French Roulette


    Mobile phone games keep you attached to your childhood. We all have once played Snake And Ladder on our mobile phones. Therefore, even when you are playing Call Of Duty on your smartphone, you’re keeping the tradition alive and afresh.


    Despite few drawbacks like cost—that a true gamer bears they are passionate about a game—gaming smartphones are still a part of gaming. While we have sidelined them, we’re missing out on a prominent source of entertainment. A source that can help gamers get connected with games even in the most unconventional places for gaming.

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