How To Get Pixel 2 Features On Any Android Phone

    Get Pixel 2 Features on Any Phone: Google had recently launched its new pixel 2 smartphone, with great features but my personal favourites are the new live wallpapers, a new widget for google, bold navigation bar style. But it’s a little expensive to buy a new one. So if you want to experience new features like the new pixel but want to save your pocket than here are some of the ways to try them all.

    How To Get Pixel 2 Features On Any Android Phone

    Get Pixel 2 Features
    Get Pixel 2 Features

    I have seen many sites are sharing the guide on google pixel lock screen apk but our mission is different. How Tech Hack is providing you with the tutorial to Get Pixel 2 Features On Any Android Phone. Not the regular garbage which you find on other sites. Hence, you can get pixel 2 features on any phone. Download the below apps to get pixel 2 home screen: –

    1. Google Pixel Live Wallpapers

    The first one being the Google Pixel Live Wallpapers. Google doesn’t miss a chance to fascinate us. With new live wallpapers, you could be your smartphone look smart. Wallpapers like calming coastline, are just awesome and relaxing too. You could download it from the below button. It just worked fine for me but there’s a little more drainage for battery.

       Download Google Pixel Live Wallpapers Apk

    2. AR Stickers

    pixel 2 lock screen apk

    The second great feature is the AR stickers in which you could get some fascinating cartoon characters you can place them in the surroundings and take a pic with them. Now this feature couldn’t be found in many phones in the market but you could get it from an app named HOLO. One can download it from play store. It works same as the Google AR emoji where there are a lot of cartoon models, but there’s a little glitch which may get better in the future updates.

       Download AR Sticker Apk

    3. Pixel Navigation Bar

    pixel 2 features on any phone xda

    Many of us have noticed the navigation bar of Google smartphone. They are truly excellent thinking and also looks good. For making you navigation button same as the Google’s pixel 2, try out an app from play store called PIXEL NAVIGATION BAR. This app is just fantastic. You could adjust the size of the button too. And it just makes your navigation buttons the same style as the pixel.

       Download Pixel Navigation Bar Apk

    4. Nova Launcher – Best Launcher for Pixel 2

    best launcher for pixel 2

    Many a times you feel that you big smartphone is not a bit handy and its difficult to reach the Google widget to search anything but now Google has a solution for that. In the new pixel smartphone the Google widget is at the bottom of the phone so now whenever you take up the phone you could reach the widget easily. That’s pretty smart. There are a lot of smart launchers that could provide you with this type of feature. For me, the Nova Launcher is the best. You could easily get it free to Play Store. After installing it just go to the dock settings in choose a Google widget with round edges. Don’t forget to remove your previous Google widget otherwise two Widget on the same screen will look a little weird.

       Download Nova Launcher Pixel 2

    5. Shazam App – Music Recognition

    Another great thing in the pixel 2 is the now playing future which uses the phones ambient sensor to catch up the song which is playing in the background and displays it on the screen. Although this feature is exclusively on pixel 2 but there are some apps that provide the same features of the Shazam app. This app is great you could just place it near the music and woohoo you get the name the song.

       Download Shazam App

    6. BATON – Pixel 2 Home Screen

    nova launcher pixel 2

    If you are a music freak and use Bluetooth headsets a lot, then definitely you had faced a situation when you forget to charge it and it just stops in between, making you frustrated. But with the pixel, you get a Bluetooth feature where you get to know about the battery about your bt headphones. Again this feature is just brilliant. If you want the same thing just download an app named BATON from the below button. Just switch it on and connect your device and now you could keep track of your device’s battery.

       Download BATON Apk

    Watch this video tutorial to get pixel 2 features on any android smartphone:

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our Get Pixel 2 Features 2018, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

    Share How To Get Pixel 2 Features On Any Android Phone with your friends. Let them get the fun of pixel 2 features on their android device.

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