Get Your Datacenter Proxy Replaced Automatically

    To gain automatic datacenter proxy replacements the best method would be to get them through a monthly datacenter proxy service by paying a subscription for either IPv4 or IPv6 depending on your needs and requirements. If you source them separately you will end up paying over the odds unnecessarily because a reputable service will provide automatic replacements. Some will do this monthly, bi-monthly but the range could be more or less frequent of course, and is likely to be judged on your usage and the overall package you are paying for.

    It sounds expensive, is this affordable?

    You might not need the highest priced deal because of your usage. Affordable rates are available with prices starting from around $7.5 per month or $1.5 per proxy (5 data center proxies on IPv4) and $4 per month or $0.4 per proxy (10 data center proxies IPv6). These are base rates that represent good value and rise gradually as the amount of proxies you buy increases. As a rough idea, the top end of the scale you would be looking at around $130 per month or $1.3 per proxy (100 data center proxies IPv4) or $10 per month or $0.2 per proxy (50 data center proxies IPv6).

    What else will I get for my money?

    Using a data center proxy service to get them replaced automatically is hugely beneficial whether you cover the whole year in a lump sum right at the beginning of your contract, or like most, you pay in installments and sign a monthly contract. Some of the key features you will get if you go with an established brand include;

    • Authentication if the dedicated proxies offer features such as IP authorization and User: Pass authorization for full security
    • Unlimited Bandwidth & Threads containing genuinely unmetered and unlimited bandwidth ideally with speed around 10 Gbps
    • Private and Secure Purchasing a datacenter proxy ensures no one else has access to it as they are dedicated to you. They always appear as a different IP address from your own and offer an excellent level of security negating the risk of your personal information.
    • Multiple Locations provide dedicated IPs from separate locations from all around the world, allowing you to freely browse online. This is particularly useful if you want to obtain SERP data or if you visit a site that uses geo-blocking.
    • Extremely Quick speeds can be maintained throughout datacenter use because they do not affect browsing speed. The unlimited bandwidth provides superior safety over shared proxies and will not overload as they are allocated to a single user (you!)
    • Varied Connection options including the ability to use SOCKS5 and HTTL on all data center proxies
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    Final Thoughts

    There is no doubt that data center proxies are easier to replace than residential IP proxies. While residential IP proxies are extremely safe, they are additionally a lot higher priced than datacenter proxies. It can prove difficult to replace them if you get banned from a website as they are much harder to secure. Certain datacenter proxy companies will replace your proxy if you get blacklisted ensuring minimal downtime whereas you could lose all browsing ability altogether if your residential IP proxy is blocked.

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