GGBet betting rules

    Before you start betting on sports at the GGbet bookmaker, every player must learn the rules so that no problems arise afterwards. For this reason, you should definitely study this material which gives information about GGbet’s rules for taking bets, registering, depositing and withdrawing money and even getting and wagering bonuses.

    GGBet rules

    The first thing to pay attention to is the key aspects in the bookmaker’s rules which will allow you to understand if you can register on the site at all.

    The fact is that this betting company operates under an international licence, which obliges the company to check all customers on several important factors, which will make it impossible for you to even register on the site. That’s where the review should start.


    Any citizen of any country, except those where gambling is forbidden (Saudi Arabia, UAE) and over the age of majority, can register.

    In addition, the rules at on registration only allow players who do not yet have an active account with the site, as multi-accounting is forbidden, the use of which can lead to a blocking without the right to reinstate.

    Also, the rules of GGbet website encourage all players to play fairly, and if you have previously been caught using illegal strategies such as post-goal, forks, bonus-hunting or using illegal software and scripts, you may be denied further registration.

    You should also keep in mind the fact that in the future, the bookmaker has every right to require you to verify your identity, which is intended to confirm your identity. So you may only create an account in your own name and with your own documents.

    Account Replenishments

    As for GGbet’s rules on deposits, the most important one is that you may only make deposits using your own details as you will have to prove later on that you made deposits using your own card or wallet because of that very verification.

    Moreover, you may be blocked if you made a deposit from a card that was used on another account.

    Also, keep in mind that each payment system has its own rules regarding minimum deposit amount, as well as a commission, which you will be able to find out more about in the menu of making a deposit.


    Other rules of GGbet, which do not concern deposits, but withdrawals from the bookmaker’s office, are only limited by the fact that you may withdraw money only to the account from which you made the deposit.

    For example, if you made a deposit by Visa card, you will only be able to withdraw money to Visa card (and to the same card number).

    Such rules were developed to keep bettor’s money safe so that no cheater could hack your account and make the transfer to his own account.

    Terms and conditions for sports betting

    The most important and interesting thing is what site GGbet’s terms and conditions for accepting bets are. In fact, there are quite a few, but we suggest highlighting the most important ones that you may have problems with:

    •         If the result of an event on the official site protocol differs from the result in the television broadcast, the betting company reserves the right to make the calculation according to the television broadcast. In exceptional cases, if disputes arise, the Bookmaker’s Company reserves the right to use the video view of the event provided by the Client disputing the result to establish the true actual result;
    •         If the result of a completed event is cancelled or changed due to disqualification of a team or participant, refereeing errors, violations of the conditions of the event or any other situations related to technical defeat, the bet will be settled based on the original actual result. If the match does not take place and one of the teams is awarded a technical defeat, all bets are calculated with odds “1”;
    •         The bookmaker’s office reserves the right to calculate bets according to the data that comes from the official protocol of the game;
    •         The bookmaker has the right to refund bets if they have been placed at the wrong odds;
    •         If the technical security service of GGbet sees suspicious activity on the player’s account, it may request a verification procedure;
    •         Withdrawal of funds from the account is made only after the application is approved by the bookmaker himself.

    This list could go on for a long time, but it would be much easier to go to the GGbet rules section of the website, where everything is written point by point and every bettor can find the term they need, as well as its definition and rules for taking and calculating bets.

    Promotions rules

    The most interesting question for all bettors is the conditions for receiving and wagering promotions, of which there are so many on the GGbet website.

    However, there is nothing difficult about studying them, as all the promotions have their rules written right away, and you can read them by clicking on the bonus itself, as you can see in the image below.

    double bonus

    Here, the bettor will be immediately told when and until when the promotion is running, what you need to do to get the bonus, and how to wager it.

    As you can see, there is nothing complicated about GGbet’s rules, and all the answers can be found on the bookmaker’s website. So, you can go through the GGbet mirror right now to register and make bets, which are fully regulated by an international licence.

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