Google is coming with a new OS? – Is this related to Google’s under development Fuchsia OS?


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    Let keep those tons of rumours aside about Google is developing a new OS named “Fuchsia OS”. Seems like Google has been working even better when they report a new trademark for a new operating platform named “Pigweed”.

     Filed trademark for Pigweed OS
    The filed trademark for Pigweed OS

    The name “Pigweed” first appeared on the USPTO’s website (United States Patent and Trademark Office). This news was discovered by a Reedit user named “lgats“.

    In the description of the filed trademark says that “Pigweed” is going to be introduced for the use as a “computer operating software”

    Google’s New OS – Is Pigweed and Fuchsia OS the Same?

    This name was also clean spotted in a Chromium code registry and then the proposed name got changed into Fuchsia OS code.

    Fuchsia and Pigweed (The Evidence of Name Change Process)
    Fuchsia and Pigweed (The Evidence of Name Change Process)

    The name change process that happened in the code doesn’t make to become a piece of solid evidence for assuming that Pigweed is related to the Fuchsia OS.

    This was spotted when Gary Miguel told the developer that “a reference to pigweed seems wrong here”, to which he replied, “Done”.

    Hence, it shows that the developer is responsible for using the name Pigweed in the Fuchsia project and he made a mistake and then changed it back to Fuchsia again.

    Now in case of the name being spotted in the Chromium code registry, we found that the name can be located in a code related to “Monorail”, this is an issue tracker which is used by Chrome and some other Google-related projects.

    After some time, it was revealed that the name doesn’t have any sort of connection with the new Fuchsia OS, this statement depicts that Pigweed is a totally separate project which comes in the Monorail bug tracker and Gerrit code review.

    Monorail – Pigweed’s Reference

    Monorail's Pigweed Reference
    Monorail – Pigweed Reference

    As for now, we don’t have many updates about it apart from the above true facts and the unusual process cum mistake name change of Pigweed.

    After this, we do have a lot of questions which yet to answer and we can do only one thing which is “Wait” either for the official release of OS or maybe we may get some strong rumours or statements from google, Stay tuned for more updates.

    What do you think? Is Fuchsia OS and Pigweed are the same? Also, what do you think, when these OS may release? Do give your opinions in the comment section below.

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