Google is showcasing its Android 11 Developer Mode for all Pixel Devices

    Just a few months before, Android 10 came into all of the phones in a stable form. In addition to this, Google is all set and all ready for the release of its next Android version, which will be named “Android 11”.

    Android 11 Developer Mode

    If you are a Google’s Pixel user then you should know that from now you are availed to take the taste of the first developer preview for the next iteration of Android — Android 11 or Android R for testing.

    This was surprising to see, by looking at the past Google released its first developer preview for Android 10 in March 2019, so this time the release for the new upgrade OS took a month early than expectations.

    Android 11

    Android 11 Developer Mode – What all devices will Support?

    For now, the devices currently supported by the Android 11 Developer Preview 1 is only included just on the Mountain View giant’s own Pixel-lineup from the Pixel 2 all the way to their latest phones like Pixel 4 and 4XL.

    All of the pixel lineups from Google are listed down below:

    • Pixel 2
    • Pixel 2 XL
    • Pixel 3
    • Pixel 3 XL
    • Pixel 3a
    • Pixel 3a XL
    • Pixel 4
    • Pixel 4 XL

    Regarding the newest update from Google, reports from other sources say that the new developer preview includes a few handy features like native screen recorder (again), changes to the Do Not Disturb settings, and better app permissions among other things.

    There are a lot of new other handy features to be introduced in Android 11 as well! Although there is a lot to reveal! Stay Tuned to HowTechHack channel for updates regarding the features.

    It’s sure that we may get to see the new gesture feature in Android 11. The main feature would be allowing access to the apps as per control and wish! there were few of the gesture problems reported by consumers in Android 10.

    The main complaint was about the “Going back Gesture” in Android 10 if you want to go back you can swipe from the left or even from right!

    But, the problem was that this gesture was failing for the apps which have the Slideout menu!

    The main sample would be in your google play store, just try out to have slid back from Google Play store more likely many of you won’t make as if you slide from the left you will get to see your google account settings.

    So, Let’s cross fingers and hope an improvement in all these gestures!

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