Google Releases Android Oreo (Go Edition) for Low-End Phones

    In this world of growing technology, nobody wants to,  behind. Every year Android rolls out new version of the Android devices but sadly no all devices get the update. It may be because those devices are outdated and their specifications do not allow the high-end updates to run on them. Well, don’t you worry.

    Google Releases Android Oreo (Go Edition) for Low-End Phones

    Google Releases Android Oreo (Go Edition) for Low-End Phones
    Google Releases Android Oreo (Go Edition) for Low-End Phones

    As promised by Google on it’s 2017 I/O, the technology giant is ready to launch it’s low-end Android O Go edition, especially for the entry-level smartphones. The devices with 512 megabytes to 1 gigabyte of RAM will be able to run the all-new Android Oreo.

    Not only the lightweight version of Android but also that of some of Google’s daily use apps will be released. These apps include Gmail, Google Maps, Google Assistant, Youtube and a lot more.

    Just like the Android version that will compatible with the phones with low gigs of RAM, the apps will also support low-end devices now. Now suppose you only have around 8 GB of internal storage on your device, a lot of space will be covered by the Android itself. Well, don’t worry.

    Android Oreo Go Edition
    Image Source: Android Authority

    Google has assured that the customers will have reasonable storage for their own personal content by reducing the number of pre-installed apps. Google claimed that Android Oreo will take half the space on Go devices as compared to normal devices with more RAM.

    There is a list of apps that Google announced. These apps will be pre-installed on every Android Go devices.

    The apps include YouTube Go, Google Go, Google Assistant Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go, Gboard Go, Google Play, Google Chrome, and Files app.

    Android Oreo Go Edition
    Image Source: Google

    The loading time for certain apps is also being optimized by Google. The Android Go devices will be 15% than any other normal Android O build device. The devices will have an inbuilt feature to showcase only those app in the Play store that a user can run without any problem.

    The Go Edition of Android O is out for developers while the public released is supposed to be released in a month or two. Specially designed for countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, the Android Go is specifically designed to capture the entry-level market segment. While all the Android users are eagerly waiting for Android Oreo to be made public, this Go Edition Of Android has also proved to be great news for users with a low budget or low-end devices.

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