Here’s What’s Happening To Google+, Hangouts And Gmail Inbox

    Well, there’s are a lot of misunderstandings now prevailing about the shutting down of Google apps like Google+, Hangouts, Inbox by Google. We’ll today tell you clearly what’s happening exactly.

    – Yes. Google+ is shutting down for sure.

    Here’s What’s Happening To Google+, Hangouts And Gmail Inbox

    Google+ Shutting Down
    Google+ Shutting Down

    Facebook, Instagram, and others dominate the now prevailing social sites industry and the space for Google+ aren’t like before. People who create a Gmail account for mailing purposes are eventually provided with a G+ account which they leave unused for years. It’s neither used for networking nor advertising these days. So, maybe for these reasons, the company decided to shut it down and has given the date already, which is on April 2, 2019.

    To most of the people, Google has already sent emails regarding the closing of it and asked them to back up all the media from the account if they care. So if you do, you need to download all the content you wish and keep it somewhere. Else, you can upload (Backup & Sync) the content to Google Photos to remain them.

    Note: Google clearly mentions that Google Photos and Google Drive will not be shutting down. It’s just the matter of Google+, as the company will be deleting content from the accounts starting April 2nd. So, better back them up to Drive or Photos (

    – Hangouts isn’t dying!

    There’s a misconception about the average chatting app from Google is shutting down in the near future.

    But no. It’s just upgrading!

    Well, all the posts on the internet related to its shut are just reported sayings and not confirmed by the company (Google). And a source from internal Scott Johnston, Google Product Lead for Hangouts, has earlier cleared the air for everyone.

    To a post by 9to5google, Scott commented: “I can see how people might get confused there; they see “Hangouts” and “shut down” and think the whole thing’s dying Hangouts has been generally been declared “abandoned,” “stagnant” and “dying” several times in its five-year history. It’d be almost reasonable if we hadn’t known that Hangouts can’t die, at least not in the foreseeable future, because Hangouts is a G-suite service that paying businesses to rely on.

    So it’s just getting upgraded to Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet, instead of just Hangouts. And there’s no need to worry about.

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