How And Where to Bet on Esports?

    When getting into esports betting, finding a solid esports bookmaker is the biggest challenge. Even though the number of bookmakers is constantly growing, it’s getting more and more difficult to distinguish between a real thing and a scam. It takes extra time and effort to do research and make the final choice.

    Amazingly, esports events have more than 400 million viewers, which is not the upper limit. This indicator is projected to surpass half a billion in the near future. The total amount of bets on esports is expected to reach $24 billion. So it’s safe to say that more and more people will be approaching the esports betting sphere for all the right reasons.

    How Do You Bet on Esports?

    Everyone should have an opportunity to bet on esports similar to traditional sports. It’s your problem whether you succeed or fail in it. But you should have this chance.

    Being a newcomer, you may feel a little bit confused. The way you dive deeper into esports betting depends on the bookmaker you stick with. Apart from being a safe place, it should also have a good betting offer with diverse markets, good odds, and fast payouts. Here are the basic process of joining a bookmaker:

    • Create an account. This usually means entering personal information like your full name, email address, date of birth, star sign, and so on.
    • Make a deposit. Betting for free is not that much fun. Eventually, most bettors refer to the bets with real money. To make secure deposits, they need payment methods to choose from. This can be a bank card, e-wallet, bank transfer, or even crypto.
    • Check the odds. You need to find and analyze the odds for the selected esports event you will bet on. Make sure they are reasonable enough to continue your betting adventure.
    • Place your bets. You specify your betting stake, click to confirm, and wait for the result while doing CSGO match tracking.

    As you can see, things don’t seem to be difficult here. But you should be careful at every stage, not to make some simple mistake. This may cost you a solid amount of money.

    Esports Betting Sites with Fastest Payouts

    The speed of deposit and withdrawal is a crucial factor in the dynamic world of esports betting. Every second matters a lot. The duration of esports events is quite short, which forces you to make fast decisions and take fast actions. You won’t be able to bet on consecutive phases of an event if your bookmaker takes a lot of time to process your payments.

    What’s even worse, you won’t be able to benefit from your winnings if your bookmaker takes days and weeks to process your withdrawal request. It doesn’t sound good. Moreover, it looks quite suspicious, reminding scams or other fraudulent schemes.

    Esports Websites with Live Betting Features

    Live bets are a common thing in the world of esports betting. They have been on the market for quite a long time. Recently, they have attracted huge attention from bookmakers and bettors. People spend more time at home, which makes it convenient for them to gamble without going anywhere.

    Esports Betting Apps

    Esports betting has entered the phase when its existence without a mobile format is simply impossible. More and more bettors are looking for flexibility when it comes to betting activities. They don’t want to rush home to place a bet on their desktop computer. Fortunately, bookmakers have heard them well. Most bookmakers have their mobile apps or, at least, a mobile version of their website.

    Bettors can use their Android and iOS devices to follow the available markets, check odds, deposit and withdraw funds, as well as place their esports bets.

    Esports-betting-related, also known as stats-crawling apps, have become one of the recent trends in the esports betting industry. For example, you might have heard about Strafe, the most notable specimen that possesses a great variety of games, players, and events and features a non-stop flow of esports-related news and updates.

    Final Word

    Esports betting offers a lot of joy to everyone who tries it once. With the right bookmaker, the experience may get even better. A safe environment with attractive odds can make your day. What’s even better, it can make your pocket full of cash.


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