How did Alessandro Nesta prove himself in the Indian championship?

    Alessandro Nesta is one of the best defenders of his generation. His awards speak for themselves. He won the Italian championship, the Champions League, and the World Cup. By the way, by studying sport news online on 1x, you can follow not only these tournaments, but also regularly earn money on them.

    Nesta decided to test his strength in the Indian championship, toward the end of his career. The defender moved there in 2014, when he was already 38 years old. Despite the respectable age, as by football standards, he accepted the offer of Chennaiyin. By the way, you can still watch the sports news about this team online on 1x. In general, Nesta was invited to the club as a legend, because such a condition was put forward to all participants in the Indian championship. 

    He played only three games for Chennaiyin. However, that was enough for the team to take first place in the regular season. Unfortunately, in the playoffs of Superliga the team lost in the semifinals. 

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    As for Nesta, he made the decision to end his professional career at the end of the 2014 season. Some would say that his arrival at Chennaiyin was useless. However, that’s not entirely true. Alessandro:

    • helped draw attention to the Indian championship;
    • shared his experience to the young defenders;
    • contributed to the popularization of football in the country.

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    Why didn’t Nesta realize his full potential?

    As for his football potential, Nesta has not fully realized it. This is evidenced by the number of matches he played. However, the defender was expected to be more useful on the field. By the way, you should find out how to install 1xBet app, so you will be able to pay more attention to the matches of this championship.

    Nesta could not realize his full potential in India because of:

    1. Health problems. After all, the guard was already 38 years old. At that age, it’s hard to perform at 100% on a regular basis. The defender had injuries and it took him a long time to recover from them. 
    2. Lack of proper motivation. It was clear that the player would not show all his strong qualities here. The trip to India was something like a way to make money for him.
    3. Lack of understanding with teammates.

    However, Nesta’s team achieved a relatively good result, and the league began to be talked about outside India. By the way, if you already found out how to install a new app to play at 1xBet, you can probably not just follow the matches of the same Chennaiyin, but also regularly earn money on them.

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