How do I recertify my CCNP?

    It is always the best time for a person to become a certified network expert. The majority of the businesses are expanding, and they have been giving their services to the people. People have started more to get their services on the internet. Therefore, there is a great reliance on the internal systems so that things go smoothly. Cisco is supposed to be the largest networking equipment manufacturer in the world. Cisco is designed in a proper way to develop and run different certification programs. 

    All about CCNP

    People have always been asking about CCNP programs. There are five levels of certification for Cisco careers. These include

    1. Entry-level
    2. Associate
    3. Professional
    4. Expert
    5. Architecture

    CCNP certification makes a person achieve the professional level that is relatively easy to get. It is observed that CCNP experts are seen making more money. They have a better salary package as compared to the rest of the professionals. You can know more at SPOTO real Cisco concentration exams and answers.

    • A professional-level CCNP can earn $90,000/year.
    • The Senior Systems Engineers IT make an average of $91,333/year.
    • IT Managers make an average of $90,913/year.
    • A Senior Network Engineer makes an average of $89,374/year.
    • Network Engineer, IT makes an average of $72,123/year.
    • Network Engineer makes an average of $71,083/year. 
    • Telecommunications Network Engineer makes an average of $64,572/year.
    • Network Administer makes an average of $60,070/year. 

    Role of a CCNP

    A CCNP is responsible for developing, implementing, maintaining, and troubleshooting LANs and WANs. They work with professionals in security, wireless, voice, and video solutions. CCNPs work on higher levels as compared to CCNA and have bigger responsibilities.

    Advantages of becoming a CCNP

    People have always been asking about the benefits they can have by being a CCNP. The CCNP gets higher and better pay as compared to CNAs. They are free to complete their tasks according to their choice. They are more similar to the non-certified colleagues that are to achieve management and senior roles. Candidates have to go for a prerequisite for becoming experts at the architect levels. 

    How can one become a CCNP?

    Any CCIE or CCNA can become a CCNP. It requires one to have a one-year networking experience to become a successful CCNP. The candidates have to pass three exams, including Route, Switch, and Shoot. Every exam has a lot of syllabi, and it is difficult to pass the exam. 

    Requirements for recertification


    People have been asking about the way in which they can recertify their CCNP certification. The recertification requirements are prior to the expiration dates. The candidate having an expired certification has to pass the whole examination process to make his certificate active.

    Certification duration and level

    1. In the associate three years program, the candidate has to pass associate exams, professional concentration exams, expert-level written exams, and practical exams, and he earns 30 credit hours. 
    2. In a specialist three years program, the candidate has to pass one professional exam, one technology core exam, one expert level written test, and pass one lab or practical exam to earn 40 credit hours.
    3. In a professional three years program, the candidate has to pass one core exam. Two separate concentration exams, one expert-written exam, and one lab exam to score 80 credit hours. A candidate can also pass a professional concentration exam to score 40 credit hours. 
    4. In a CCIE 3 years program, the candidate has to pass one expert-level written exam, one lab or practical exam, three concentration exams, and one core exam to get 120 credit hours. 
    5. The candidate can also pass one technology core exam to earn 40 credit hours and two separate programs to make 80 credit hours. The rest of the information can be obtained straight from the source.

    Some important things to know

    • There are a few important things that a person should know to recertify the CCNP exam. He should know that Cisco does not give extensions, and it is up to a person to schedule his recertifications on time.
    • The emails for recertification are 30, 60, and 90 days.
    • The emails are sent to the email addresses on the profiles of the individuals, so candidates have to keep their email addresses up to date.
    • For the degrees for specialist, professional, and associate programs, the candidates must update their Cert metrics profiles.
    • They have to update their profiles on CCIE Tracker for expert certifications.
    • It would be best to review the five-day exam policy before you schedule your exams. 

    The bottom line

    These are some of the most important things to know about CCNP. People need to cover the above-mentioned points so that they can know about recertification in CCNP exams.

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