How to Choose High-quality Balloons?

    There are so many types of balloons (latex, Mylar, twisting, confetti, surprise, glowing, bobo — just to name a few) available today that it’s easy to get confused at first. Besides, various manufacturers offer products of different quality. For example, items such as Anagram, Convergram, Sempertex, Hi-Float and, of course, super popular Qualatex balloons are considered the best world’s brands.

    To make your party the most beautiful and avoid spoiling the celebration, we will help you navigate the different types of balloons and understand how to choose the best option for decorating your festivity.

    Basic production materials: what is the difference?

    There are two main options for making balloons: latex and metalized polypropylene. Latex items can look transparent or translucent. Also, various images, plain or colored, can be printed on such items.

    Advantages of latex balloons:

    • low price;
    • great assortment;
    • rich color palette.

    Some drawbacks that you should be aware of:

    • limited choice of shapes;
    • relatively low durability: latex has larger pores compared to polypropylene, so these items easily burst and deflate faster. However, some branded latex balloons are as good as the manufacturers claim.

    Foil or Mylar inflatables are multi-layered items that include a polypropylene backing and a metalized coating.

    Check out their advantages:

    • high durability;
    • variety of shapes such as letters, numbers, hearts, stars, crescents, flowers, means of transport, cartoon characters, air-walkers, etc.;
    • the ability to retain the original shape longer.

    High prices can be a serious drawback for many. But since you need fewer Mylar balloons for decorating your party than, for example, latex items, this doesn’t seem a big problem.   

    High-quality latex balloons can keep their shape for several days, and the Hi-Float treatment will help to make them last even longer. Mostly, latex items are used to create basic decorations, while Foil balloons are used to create accents.

    The appearance

    As we already mentioned, there are balloons of many different shapes. By experimenting with different options, you can make unforgettable decorations.

    • Crystal balls are translucent items of delicate shades.
    • Classic inflatables are known for their bright and saturated colors.
    • Sphere items are completely transparent and have a slight shade or do not have it at all.
    • Metallic balls look very shiny.
    • Holographic inflatables often have a stunning iridescent design.

    Some characteristics to consider

    When buying balloons, you should pay attention to several important things such as:

    • elasticity;
    • the ability of items with or without Hi-Float to retain their shape;
    • price.

    If you’re on a budget, we will still recommend you to buy high-quality balloons or, at least, medium-priced items.

    When choosing a manufacturer, you should focus on the technology used, your preferences, customer reviews, and brand popularity. For example:

    • Sempertex round latex balls (Colombia) are great for creating figures, while the brand’s twisting items are perfect for “weaving” a variety of compositions;
    • items made by Italian brands such as Gemar and Belbol have good elasticity, so they are suitable for outdoor decoration;
    • as for the Mexican-made products, they are considered universal, so they are suitable for using everywhere, both indoors and outdoors.

    How to know if a balloon is of high quality?

    • If the balloons have a sharp, unpleasant odor, this means that they are made from low-quality latex that has been in storage for a long time. Most likely you won’t be able to inflate such a balloon or it will burst even before your party starts. Keep in mind that high-quality items will never have an odd smell!
    • A quality balloon never looks wrinkled. Try to squeeze it in your hand: if the item remains smooth, it is of good quality.
    • Not everyone can determine the balloon’s quality to the touch. So, here’s a good life hack: if the latex rustles like paper in your hand, then don’t buy such inflatables!
    • Check if the item is flexible enough by simply stretching it a bit: a quality balloon stretches easily and always retains its shape

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