How to Easily Start Editing Videos as a Beginner

    Video editing may appear complicated on the surface, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be. The fact of the matter is that there are lots of basic tools in video editors that are easy to use, and will let you start to make really useful improvements and adjustments to your videos.

    How to Easily Start Editing Videos as a Beginner

    How to Easily Start Editing Videos as a Beginner
    Video Editing

    If you’d like to easily start editing videos as a beginner, there are a few ways that are perfect, to begin with:

    • Trim out any unnecessary footage

    Normally trimming a video is really easy, and can be done in two ways. The first is to split the video and isolate the part you don’t want then delete it, while the second is to select the part you want to keep and have everything else trimmed out.

    Different video editors may use one or the other (or both) of these methods, but as you can see it is fairly straightforward in either case.

    • Use automated color correction tools

    Color correction will allow you to fix some of the most common issues with video footage by adjusting their white balance and making the colors closer to real life. Generally, editors have automated tools that will use algorithms to adjust the white balance and color settings automatically.

    If you want you can experiment and try adjusting the various color parameters manually as well, in order to get a better sense of how they affect your video.

    video editing

    • Splice together videos with different types of cuts

    In most editors, it is really easy to splice videos together and is often as simple as placing them one after another in the timeline. However, you should try to go a step further, and see how different types of cuts can affect the pace and flow of your video.

    By trimming videos and adjusting the point at which you splice them together, you can try using jump cuts, cutaways, cut on action, and various other types of cuts to improve your videos.

    • Crop and reframe videos to improve the composition

    The crop tool may seem basic, but it is actually a useful way to reframe your videos by removing a section of the frame. Ideally, it should be used alongside composition techniques, such as the rule of thirds.

    Just be sure that when you crop your video you keep it in the right aspect ratio – especially if you’re going to then splice it together with other clips.

    See how easy it is to edit videos in the ways listed above? All you need to get started is a video editor, and for example, Movavi Video Editor ( would be a good option.

    Part of the reason why the techniques listed above are a good place for beginners to start is that they’re a good foundation to get the experience that you need. If you start editing your videos with them, you’ll gradually develop a better understanding of video editing in general – and can start to experiment with some of the other features in the editor you’re using.

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