How to Expand Your Instagram Following

    Growing on Instagram can boost brand loyalty, increase your revenue, and even establish you as a trendsetting influencer. However, with over one billion monthly active users sharing millions of photos and videos every day, you need a cutting-edge strategy to break through the noise and reach your target audience. 

    Beyond simply trying to gain Instagram followers, you should also prioritize establishing meaningful connections that turn into an active and engaged community on the platform. In this guide, we’re sharing 6 simple tips on expanding your Instagram following. 

    Curate On-Brand Feed  

    Posting quality content consistently is a tried and true tactic for expanding your Instagram following. The feed influences the first impression people have once they come to your account, and it’s what entices them to hit the “follow” button. 

    Find your brand voice and make sure the content you create reflects it. Then, curate a gorgeous feed that will capture the visitors’ attention and convert them into followers. Finally, use on-brand content aesthetics and cohesive visuals to effectively convey your brand value to visitors, converting them into followers.

    Use Instagram Stories

    Despite the emergence of new features like Reels and IGTV, Instagram Stories won’t slow down anytime soon. One way to increase the number of followers through stories is to use hashtags or location stickers. That way, people searching for that hashtag or location will easily discover your content. 

    Additionally, you can use the Story Highlights option to highlight the best stories and let your audience watch them anytime. Choose the most relevant stories that express your brand’s vision and the message you want to communicate. This tactic will help new visitors get a sense of what your profile is about and might decide to give you a follow.

    Create Shareworthy Content 

    Creating shareworthy content is a great tactic for reaching new followers. It takes only one viral Instagram post to reach thousands of new people. Regardless of whether you’re creating informative posts, memes, or inspirational quotes, make sure they are unique and original. Additionally, use clever, catchy text in combination with high-quality imagery. 

    Another great tactic is to humanize your content through storytelling. Be authentic, draw emotions, and be relatable to your audience. Finally, always try to find the right balance between your brand’s niche, the audience’s sentiment, and the trending topic you’re working with.  

    Create a Hashtag Strategy

    Hashtags present an easy way to reach new followers, and failing to use them right would halt your Instagram following expansion. To make the most out of hashtags, you need a winning strategy. While you can include a maximum of 30 hashtags per post, you need to focus on quality over quantity. 

    Avoid popular and generic hashtags because trying to stand out among millions of photos and videos will only harden your job. Instead, go for hashtags that are popular in your niche and appeal to your audience. It’s also a good idea to create branded hashtags for specific campaigns. You can then encourage followers to use those hashtags and get free user-generated content and publicity. 

    Write Great Captions

    You can engage your current audience and reach new followers through optimized captions. Captions give you a chance to provide more context or details about the post you’re sharing. Plus, you can use them to ask relevant questions, start conversations, and encourage users to comment. Moreover, using the right keywords in captions can help you appear in the Explore section. 

    The Instagram caption limit is 2,200 characters but you can play with different lengths to find out what works best for your audience. Some posts might go well with short captions, while others might benefit from longer descriptions. That being said, put the most important information in the first 125 to entice them to tap “more”. 


    Cross-Promote Your Instagram 

    The easiest way to get people to find your Instagram is to cross-promote it. List it on your website to let people know where to find you on Instagram and encourage social shares across all networks. Additionally, promote your Instagram across your social media platforms. That way, you can direct people already interested in your brand to your Instagram. 

    Finally, include Instagram in the footer of your marketing emails or in the signature for regular emails. You can even directly promote your account via email, especially if you want to notify people about a contest or giveaway in which they can participate.

    In Conclusion

    Creating an engaged Instagram community can bring long-term benefits to your brand. It’s the ultimate way to boost loyalty, increase engagement, and stay connected to your audience. Expanding your following takes time and effort, but it can be very rewarding when done right. The key is to target the right people, post high-quality content, and maximize the use of Instagram’s features. 








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