How to Fix Common Alexa Issues

    Fix Common Alexa Issues: It feels so amusing when someone follows your orders and does accordingly. Everyone wishes to have someone like that. Isn’t it true?

    Well! There’s someone who gives us pleasure by doing this. Alexa can be a great addition to any living room, kitchen or even a bedroom especially in a smart home

    Alexa is the voice-controlled Amazon assistant which turns our words into actions. Alexa answers questions research the internet commands smartphone devices and stream the music.

    As the world is changing constantly and every change is making most of the population lazy. Ruminating on this, it is true that we badly need something like Alexa. It assists you by controlling your smart home devices, making and receiving calls, get the news, get cooking ideas and tips and entertain kids. In this way, Alexa is playing a prime role in everyone’s life.

    Alexa will have some issues as well, which are to be fixed. Sometimes, it might say ‘I didn’t get it‘ or ‘I’m sorry‘. And sometimes it will also perform different action which is uncalled. We can actually fix them at home with ease.

    How to Fix Common Alexa Issues

    How to Fix Common Alexa Issues
    How to Fix Common Alexa Issues

    Dominant problems with Alexa:

    • Alexa isn’t connected to Wi-Fi
    • Alexa is not responding
    • Alexa plays music on the wrong device
    • Alexa can’t find your smart home devices
    • Alexa doesn’t understand what you said
    • Alexa echo’s light indication
    • Bluetooth issues with Alexa

    Alexa isn’t connected to Wi-Fi:

    Firstly, double-check the Wi-Fi password you set up with your Amazon echo. Then restart your router and echo. Then move the echo closer to the router, within the proximity so that it can catch it. It would be even better if we connect the echo to the 5 gigahertz one rather than 2.4 gigahertz one.

    Alexa is not responding:

    If your Amazon Echo has become unresponsive, if it’s is not answering your questions, then you should work on it. The microphone will be moving around, it will be hearing your voice but will answer you back sometimes. Well! It’s not that big a deal. The way to fix most of these problems is simply just to unplug it for 30 seconds so you can either turn it off at the power point on the wall or you can unplug the leaf from the bottom. After 30 seconds, it will start responding to your questions and give your answers.

    Alexa plays music on the wrong device:

    Alexa playing music on the wrong device is a chief problem reported. If you are asking Alexa to play music on one device and if it is playing on another device, here you go problem for your solution. The issue elevates from the grouping of Alexa devices. The defaults get confused.

    In this confusion, Alexa ends up sending the music to any device in its grouping loop which is not the actual one. To make this lucid, you need to ungroup the devices and group them again.

    Firstly, open the Alexa app and select the devices which you want to ungroup and then delete them. Then regroup the devices. The principal factor is to make sure that no default speaker is selected. Otherwise, the problem will arise again.

    Alexa can’t find your smart home devices:

    When Alexa and smart home go hand in hand one can be even more relaxed. The list of the devices that work with the echo keeps getting longer and longer. We have smart TVs, smart cameras, smart thermostats, smart fans, smart plugs etcetera.

    To work with your echo, most smartphone devices require you to download an app to get them set up. After downloading the app, go to the upper left and click on the three lines. From that select smart home and choose to add a device.

    Alexa will start looking for the devices around. Then you will the list of the device on your phone. Alexa will do everything accordingly by following the decorum and maintain the exact proportion.

    Alexa doesn’t understand what you said:

    Alexa sometimes doesn’t understand what you said. It might not reply or might ask you to repeat again. This is not something to worry about. Switching your echo device off and turning it on after some seconds might help. Before trying out burdensome steps, this one is preferable.

    Alexa’s echo’s light indication:

    An Amazon echo displays seven colours for different reasons. Where green indicates an incoming call, yellow indicates a new message, white indicates volume change, orange shows the connection of Wi-Fi, blue indicates power and listening, red indicates disabled microphone and purple indicates the failure of Wi-Fi connection.

    Bluetooth issues with Alexa:

    Amazon Echo can be used as an external speaker for your devices using Bluetooth. As usual, first, try solving the issues with easy steps by unplugging echo from the power outlet and restarting the connected devices.

    To avoid the problems we should pair the Bluetooth device properly, checking whether the device is in the range or not and connecting it properly. Select each device from the list of the available devices and pair them. The volume should also be verified. It might also cause unnoticeable chaos.

    Wrapping Up:

    In this way, we can fix these common Alexa issues. We might also have streaming issues on Alexa devices, trouble with Alexa calling, sometimes it performs an action without your command all this will cause turmoil. However, if we try and fix this we can enjoy the pleasure of it. It will help you with everything. In this world of busy people, Alexa helps us out by doing multiple tasks at a time. It is really advantageous and worth buying.

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