How to Make a Cool Gameplay Video

    The video game industry is developing at an accelerating rate and becoming one of the most popular pastime activities. However, publishing video game recordings becomes a means of making money. Statistics say that there are about three billion gamers worldwide who generate 175.8 billion dollars for the global games market. The numbers are impressive, and in this article, you will find tips for making a game video that will help you get profit and achieve success. 

    Why Are Gameplay Videos Popular?

    Many have the wrong idea that gameplay videos are only for children. The video gaming sector attracts both males and females of all ages. People play and record video game, plus create compelling videos to score views. It serves as a tutorial for inexperienced gamers to learn all the tricks of playing this or that game. Besides, watching a gameplay video allows a person to decide if they want to buy a game. Generally, it is entertaining as if you watch a film or play on your own.

    Have you ever heard about the live streaming service Twitch? It is a global phenomenon that allows people to watch gaming video content. In 2021, users spent 6.5 billion hours watching someone play games. With so many games available, people find it better to watch someone play a game not to waste time and learn to play. The infographics below show the most popular games on Twitch and the number of hours people watched them. 

    What Is a Let’s Play Video?

    The concept of let’s play video is popular among gamers and stands for the footage where a person makes critical or humorous commentary playing a game. Very often, these reviews provide a subjective evaluation of a specific game and information on how to progress through the game. Then let’s play videos that are easy to create if you have a sense of humor and want other people to enjoy your jokes concerning the gameplay. You can not create the let’s play content on the spot as it requires narration, script, and editing. People creating these videos become Internet celebrities and influencers within the domain of video games. 

    Guide on Making a Gameplay Video

    There will be no difficulty to make a gaming video if you follow these simple rules and love what you do. 

    #1 Choose the Game 

    With so many free and paid video games on the market, it’s challenging for a gamer to choose the best option. You need to opt for a game that will interest many people. It will enable you to get many views and monetize the footage. But at the same time, it should be also interesting for you, as when you’re bored the recording will be dull. People see that the gamer is enthusiastic about playing, and it will encourage them to explore your footage. 

    In order to record video game that will attract the audience, choose the product with powerful visuals and sound. Try to avoid a monotonous game plot with repetitive elements. Take into account that making a video on a popular game like Minecraft decreases your chances of being noticed, as there are many videos on this game. You can watch game videos, not to avoid making the same video and their mistakes. 

    #2 Prepare Gaming Gear

    Here we will talk about using powerful gaming equipment like a computer, Xbox, headphones, microphone, etc. It is important that your computer has a large screen and high speed to handle the game. Pay attention to the sound quality and memory capacity so that it doesn’t lag during the gameplay. Other important components are the gaming keyboard and mouse for flawless performance. Many choose gamepads for convenient controls. 

    You should choose a high-quality headset with a microphone to immerse yourself in the gaming environment and sound professionally. A comfortable chair and excellent internet connection are vital for a positive gaming experience and a cool video. If you want your face to be visible on the screen with game recording, think about lighting, background, and proper web camera when you make a gaming video.

    #3 Find Recording Software

    With a professional screen recording utility, you can achieve impressive results. It’ll allow you to capture the screen and save the output on your device. You can find an abundance of recording software on the internet, free or paid, with rich functionalities or several basic features. 

    When choosing a computer screen recorder, pay attention to the video and audio quality it provides. Besides, there’re online and offline recorders, so choose the convenient option for you. Make sure if the recording software captures video and audio from your device but also other sources simultaneously. A user-friendly interface would be a plus. There are recorders with built-in video editing features that will save your time and effort but limit possibilities. Thus, consider these tips to choose the best screen recorder to record video game in the best possible way. 

    #4 Choose Video Editing Tool

    Choosing a video editor, make sure it possesses all the features you need for a professional gameplay video. The tool should be feature-rich and user-friendly as well as available for a reasonable price. There are many video editors with a built-in recording option, but it may slow down the software operation. Choose the software with lots of editing features, transitions, and music libraries. 

    When editing the footage, make an introduction, main body, and conclusion. The whole video has to be imbued with energetic background music, natural transitions, memes, or interesting images aligned to the video game. By the way, there should also be an option of sharing the output on social media or uploading it to your device with no watermarks. 


    Now you know how to make a gaming video that can stand out from a plethora of decent recordings. To look professional, you should learn to watch similar content and analyze it to produce better output. Following these simple tips, even a person with no experience in making gameplay videos can achieve success. When you like what you’re doing, chances to attract a large audience multiply. Thus, do what you like, and like what you do to record and create incredible videos. 

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