How To Plan The Perfect Proposal – 5 Key Steps

    Are you ready to pop the question? Well, if you think Phoebe would be proud of your “lobster” choice, then this is the right moment to ask your significant other to marry you. Of course, you want to make the proposal memorable and unique. It doesn’t matter if you want a private moment or plan to go big, it takes a lot of time and dedication to make it ideal for you two. You can easily slip into a cliche proposal, so keep in mind to make it personalized. It should reflect your relationship, and that is what makes you stand out. If you want to create a magical and exceptional proposal, this article will help you cover the essential steps.

    1.Are You On The Same Page?

    Don’t rush the idea of proposing. Make sure your relationship is headed in that direction. If you haven’t already talked about the future and how you feel about marriage in general, do that first thing. Talk about your married friends or comment on a wedding you just watched on TV. You’ll get the answer without them noticing. Just keep the conversation casual and see what their opinion is on the topic. Key thing: stop jumping on the wedding bandwagon just because most of your friends are already married or at least engaged. Enjoy your relationship and follow your path. You will know the right moment to tie the knot.

    2. Pick An Engagement Ring

    When you get the first step out of the way, the next thing to check off the list is the ring. Since you are planning, you want to have the symbol of engagement ready for that special day. Pick an engagement ring with the help of a jewelry professional if you have no idea where to start. And don’t worry, there is a ring for every budget and need. It’s rather easy if you know what your partner likes in a ring. They probably wear jewelry daily so you have an idea of what material, shape, and size you’re looking for. However, choosing a ring for someone who doesn’t wear any accessories is difficult. Playing it safe is the best in this case. Jewelers will show you simple and delicate pieces that match any style. Check out to browse through the different types of elegant engagement rings that you can choose from.

    3. Find The Location

    Avoid overused location ideas for proposals such as a fancy restaurant or a spot in front of the Eiffel Tower. Of course, there is nothing wrong with well-known spots if they evoke memories. Go down memory lane and write down all the places you have visited so far. Do you remember your first date? Or first kiss? Where did these moments happen? Maybe at the beach or your local coffee shop? Or maybe a sunset balloon ride in Phoenix, Arizona to create an unforgettable moment for you and your partner. If the two of you are not big romantics as they are in movies, you are not obliged to make your proposal a romantic one. It should show your true self and how you see your relationship. 

    4. Public Or Private

    This step is probably the easiest to go through. You know your partner long enough to know if they are the life of the party and enjoy the spotlight, or they are more introverted and love having some alone time. Proposing at your favorite restaurant or a concert of your favorite band is a great idea for couples who enjoy being around people and don’t mind the extra attention. However, a perfect proposal means something entirely different for more reserved individuals. A walk on the beach while watching the sunset or a hitchhike across the mountains. There is also an in-between idea which is gathering your families and closest friends for a special surprise you plan for your loved one. Your partner will be excited to share that moment with their dearest people.

    5. Be Spontaneous

    We understand you expect everything to go as planned, but it’s not always the case. It may rain during your beach walk, flower arrangements may not arrive on time, or that long-awaited concert may be canceled. It happens. But don’t get frustrated over things you can’t control. Your partner will appreciate everything you’ve done and more. As they say, it is the thought that counts. You will be engaged! That is all that matters at that moment. Just wing it if the plan goes south. It makes the whole story more amusing to tell your children.

    Extra Tip: Hire A Photographer

    Capturing that incredible moment of happiness is like no other. You’ll document the element of surprise and their sincere reaction. You can find various photographers, and each has a different take on this occasion. Your choice depends on what you find most appealing. The photographer can take photos from afar, without disturbing your privacy but still record memories for you to relive them every time you go through the photographs.

    To Conclude

    A proposal consists of many details that solely revolve around your relationship. But if you think you can’t plan this by yourself, always turn to your friends and family for help. They will keep your secret and be beyond thrilled to help in your endeavor. 

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