How to Update Zoom Application on Different Devices?

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    In order for virtual meetings to take place smoothly and for the use of Zoom to be stable, it’s necessary to always have the latest version of the application and regularly update it. Because Zoom is utilized on a variety of devices, the technique for updating them may change.

    Windows and Mac

    It’s very useful to know that since November last year, updates to the Zoom application on Windows and Macs can take place automatically. A post on Zoom’s blog states that this can be achieved with a few clicks and the user can be calm about the implementation of the update in the future. To set this setting, it’s very important that you as a user have administrator privileges on the computer you’re using because only with them can the automatic Zoom update be selected. 

    First, you need to open the Zoom application on your computer and click on your account icon in the upper right corner. Then the “Settings” option is selected in the drop-down menu, and inside the new window, “General” is clicked on the left.

    Within the menu on the right, you now need to go to the “Zoom updates” section and check the “Automatically keep Zoom up to date” option. The user still has to choose how often he wants to update the application. By selecting the “Slow” option, the user receives fewer updates, but the operation of the application is more stable. The “Fast” option means more frequent updates, but this can affect the stability of the application and the reliability of establishing an optimal connection via video call. Finally, you only need to save the changed settings and updates will take place automatically in the future.

    If you are a Linux user or if you have some problems with automatic updates, in the Zoom application you can ‘force’ the application to search for available updates. You need to open the user profile icon in the upper right corner again and click on “Check for updates” in the drop-down menu. After that, the “Zoom update” window will open and the application will automatically search for available updates. If an update is available, it will be installed immediately. If not, the user will receive a “You are up to date” notification.

    Android and IOS

    Android device users can update the Zoom app via the Google Play Store. You need to open the Google Play Store and type “Zoom” in the search bar. After you’ve gotten the search results, you’ll need to open the Zoom application. If the “Update” button is available after that, you need to click on it and the Zoom application will get a new update. When the “Update” button is missing, it means that the user has the latest version of the Zoom application.

    The App Store on the iPhone and iPad can also be used to check for available upgrades. Once the App Store opens, you need to click on the “Updates” button at the bottom of the screen. Inside it will show a list of the device’s installed programs as well as any accessible updates. In addition to the Zoom application, a new update should be available and you only need to click on “Update” to download it. If the “Update” button is not available within this menu, it means that the user already has the latest version of the Zoom application.

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