How to Wear Cute Orange Tops This Summer

    Nothing screams summer more than bright colors, and these are something that should definitely be in your wardrobe during hot days. Cheerful and lively shades are a must-have this spring and summer, so if you want to add a little vibrancy to your wardrobe, orange is an excellent choice.

    Here are a few more ideas about what colors should be your go-to for this summer:

    Orange brings warmth and joy and can be a nice refreshment this summer, especially since you can combine it in so many ways with some colors you could never think would look so good together. Bright shades take any style to a higher level, especially if you know how to model them. With our tips on how to wear orange tops this summer, you will definitely get noticed.

    It’s Orange, It’s Party!


    The color of the Sun looks very good in artificial light because it additionally emphasizes its vibrancy. So if you choose orange for your club outfit, you can be sure you won’t go unnoticed, even in a full club under dimmed lights. And now is the right time to be brave and combine orange with some bold colors.

    Pink and red, like orange, are warm colors, so you don’t have many chances to go wrong with this choice. A sleeveless orange crop top plus a pink or red leather mini skirt is a score for clubbing. And if you aren’t afraid of showing some skin, feel free to go with a front cutout neon orange top and matching mini skirt.

    When you combine orange with striking colors like pink, red, or purple, the only important thing is to match the shades with your complexion. Otherwise, you risk being completely slayed by the color. So if you’re pale, you’ll opt for softer tones of these colors, and if you have olive or Mocca skin, vibrant shades will do.

    Be Creative with Casual Looks

    When there is no dress code you have to follow, everything is allowed. Orange tops from Shop The Mint are a very good choice for casual occasions as you can combine it with both darker and lighter shades, depending on the effect you want to achieve and where you will wear the particular outfit.

    For example, for relaxed walks in the summer evenings, a tangerine fitted T-shirt and khaki shorts, with which you can wear white or tan canvas sneakers, are an excellent combination. If you prefer a more romantic look, go with a coral ruffled tank, a pleated skirt, and some comfy wedges in neutral colors (if you think about taking long walks, flats will be a much better choice).

    For a day out for coffee or lunch with friends, you can’t go wrong with a sweet combo of white shorts and an orange top. As for the form, the choice is vast. If it’s too warm, you’ll opt for a ruffled gauze top or a cowl neck tank. If you’re a fan of jeans, a combo to try out is a puffy-sleeve top and boyfriend jeans – a casual outfit with a touch of romance.

    For picnics and days in nature, a neon orange tee with attractive print and jeans shorts is never a failure. You need something to feel comfortable and move freely. In case you’ll stay out until late, opt for leggings instead of shorts, and you’re ready for a whole day of fun, action, and relaxation with friends.

    Refreshments for Festive Outfits

    Back in the day, weddings and similar celebrations had an informal dress code where all guests shouldn’t wear eye-catching and bold outfits to outrank the newlyweds. You should adhere to this rule to some extent, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add some sun and shine to your apparel. Of course, these should be softer and duller shades.

    A nice look for an informal wedding would be a tangerine ribbon bow crop top paired with a high-waisted mermaid or asymmetrical skirt. If you feel better in pants, white or tan linen pants with wide legs will make you look sexy and feel good. Add some comfy thick heels, and you’re ready to hit the dance floor.

    For summer outdoor celebrations, try out a puffy-sleeve salmon-shade blouse and a high-waste maxi skirt or capri pants. A good choice is also a one-strap loose-fit tank in a darker shade of marigold or honey tucked into white Palazzo pants. If you want to play with colors and make your outfit noticeable yet stylish and appropriate to the occasion, combine monochromatic tops with the lower part with a geometrical or floral design. The pattern should have a touch of orange along with other bright colors so that everything forms a perfect whole.

    Orange for Business Outfits? Yes, Please!

    Who said that business outfits should be dull and monochromatic? It’s time to stand out in the corporate world, if nothing else, then with perfect fashion combinations with a touch of orange. However, it is advisable to choose less flashy shades of orange for these corporate outfits, such as tangerine, coral, or apricot. On this link, find out best color combos for business outfits.

    A shirt or blouse in this color is a real refreshment if combined with a pencil skirt or tapered pants. If you’re more daring, you will choose the lower part of the outfit in white, where the marigold top will stand out even more and make your business apparel sparkly and lively.

    On the other hand, dusty orange tops with or without sleeves will look great with navy blue and brown pants. Add a jacket if necessary, and you’ll have a complete business look that seems refreshing and outstanding. It’ll get attention, and that’s something you can always use to your benefit.

    Orange has been ruling the fashion world for a few seasons now, and style experts are delighted to recommend it for all occasions. If you choose tops in these bright colors, you should match them with the rest of the outfit and be sure that you’ll get all eyes on you this summer!


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