Hungry Shark Evolution MOD

    Ubisoft, the leading mobile game production company’s product, is Hungry Shark Evolution. It has been almost a decade since the game was launched. With 100 million downloads, it is rated 4.4 stars out of five. It is one of the few games that has managed to gain such high ratings. 

    Game Features

    Basically, the player has to control a base shark by using his virtual joystick. The shark is practically immortal; however, it needs to be constantly eaten to stay alive. The player has to guide or control the shark in the right way toward food. 

    The more food it consumes, the bigger and better it becomes. It might sound lame when heard. However, we have to eat before the HP bar at the center top of the screen runs out. It is basically a never-ending race in which we have to eat other living things in the ocean to strive. 

    You can control the shark by using only one finger. If you place another finger on the mobile screen, it will automatically enable the ability of the shark to swim and eat faster for a specific time. After that, it will come back to a normal state even if you use your two fingers. The rush has to recharge before being used again. 

    Also, if the shark has eaten more than a predetermined threshold, it will enter into a mode called Gold Rush. When the shark is in that state, it can eat a lot of fish in the ocean. It can eat sharks and other predators that are way larger than it is. However, the Gold Rush state can only last a few seconds, so it should be used wisely. 

    So, the story of the game is to eat unless you become the strongest in the ocean. You should reach a maximum score of 10 to become the ultimate king of the sea. 

    Hungry Shark Evolution MOD Features

    Diverse Fish Species:

    When you enter the normal version of the game, you will be left with a small shark, mostly a reef or mackerel shark. It might be good for some time, but eventually, it will bore you down. With the MOD version, you will gain unrestricted access to every shark in the ocean. You will get all the basic sharks like mackerel, tiger, hammerhead, and the great white shark, plus some rare sharks that you would never know existed in the game. 

    There are tons of fish species in the modified version, which will prove to satisfy your gaming needs. You can also unlock some super rare sharks which will hardly look like a shark. For example, an ancient mysterious creature that looks like a crocodile blended with a shark body can be used. Its giant mouth and insane biting power destroyed everyone within its reach. 

    Apart from experience, there is a significant advantage that comes with playing with giant sharks. The bigger the shark is, the greater the gold you will accumulate for eating other fish. You can use this gold to buy anything you want in the game store. 

    Unlimited Gems

    Gems are the most precious resource available in this game. They are extremely rare and have multiple uses. They are really important to progress in the game. With gems, you can buy new sharks, buy new equipment, make necessary upgrades, etc. They are the most valuable resource in the game. 

    But many players find it hard to collect gems. If they can’t collect the gems, they can’t progress towards the next stages of the game with a new shark. Playing with a week and older shark might put them at a greater disadvantage when they are trying to advance in the game levels. 

    But players don’t have to worry about collecting gems anymore because our Hungry Shark Evolution MOD has filled your storage with unlimited gems. You can use these gems to purchase anything you want in the game, including rare and exotic sharks, and make them completely upgraded. 

    Unlimited Gold

    Gold is the second most valuable in-game currency in the Hungry Shark Evolution. They are not as scarce as gems are. You can collect gold for finishing objectives, eating gold-colored fish, etc. However, there are chances you might spend your gold and are left with none. 

    With Hungry Shark Evolution MOD, you won’t run out of your gold and always will be filled with unlimited runes of gold. You can trade this gold to purchase anything from the game store. 

    Fewer Obstacles

    You might run into predators larger than you. If you try to eat a fish or shark larger than you, you will ultimately die. But if you are a bigger shark in the ocean, the fewer obstacles there will be. With the Hungry Shark Evolution MOD application, you can access every shark in the game. You no longer need to hide yourself in the seabed after encountering a larger fish species. You can swallow up anything and be the ultimate king of the ocean. 

    Unique Abilities

    In the normal version, the 12 main sharks have unique abilities. Each shark will unlock its own unique ability after passing a level successfully. You can unlock their abilities by earring points by achieving missions, letting the shark eat as much as it can, and many other things. Even after doing that, it will be hard for you to unlock their new abilities. 

    With the MOD version, you can access every ability of each of the legendary 12 sharks. You can also upgrade their abilities by using your gems and gold in the inventory. Enjoy using your favorite shark with its own unique abilities without any restrictions to lay waste to other creatures in the ocean.

    Download MOD APK/iOS


    With Hungry Shark Evolution MOD, you can play the game without any restriction with unlimited resources and unrestricted access to any feature of the game. The game itself is very intriguing despite being played in the normal version. The MOD version just lifts everything to a whole new level by providing endless resources to its players. 

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