India Is Now Getting Ready For 5G Network

    The advent of 4G turned out to be a dream India was hesitated to see, but when came true, lived to its fullest.

    In the course of 4G becoming a reality from a mere next generation thing, Reliance Jio was a catalyst in the processes. It not only handled 4G devices to even the non-elitist class but normalized it on the universal level as using a 4G network is now a normal thing.

    With that happening, we all are lurking with the same question: what next?

    However, we have an answer and that too a robust one—it’s 5GThe Fifth Generation Network.

    India Is Now Getting Ready For 5G Network

    India Is Now Getting Ready For 5G Network
    India Is Now Getting Ready For 5G Network

    Now that the world will soon shift to 5G, India needs to be pre-planned to not lag in its implementation and availability, and for that, it needs such telecom policies that can withstand both the needs and the demands.

    Keeping in mind the above-made affirmation, Manoj Sinha, the minister of communication as well as the minister of state for railways promised on Friday that India will leave no stone unturned to make itself ready for the next generation technology.

    “The government will make sure that there is no spectrum of shortage so that India does not lag behind the rest of the world in launching 5G services in the country,” said Manoj Sinha, who is also a civil engineer and was an alumnus of IIT BHU.

    5g network in india
    5g network in india

    Reported by The Economic Times, the government has approved 5G technologies testbed under the supervision of IIT Chennai. With the involvement of enthusiastic young minds, the manufacturing of 5G devices will be done at a rocketed pace. As it will be live in six months, the devices supporting 5G services will be under the refinement to be operational in the long run.

    5G Network will also lay a stronger foundation of Internet Of things, where every small device will be able to communicate with each other while being connected to a network – even your TV and your washing machine.

    At last, it will turn all sorts of wireless connections faster and less prone to be affected by the inevitable downfalls as the world is rushing towards data consumption, so do we need to rush faster.

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