Indian Air Force Launches A Mobile Action Game To Make The Youth Feel Air Combats

    Done with PUBG and Fortnite? Now move onto the air with your plane and start killing enemies of the skies. The Indian Air Force has yesterday launched its teased mobile game “Indian Air Force: A Cut Above” in both Android and iOS to give the Indian youth the feels of combating like them.

    Indian Air Force Launches A Mobile Action Game To Make The Youth Feel Air Combats

    Indian Air Force: A Cut Above
    Indian Air Force: A Cut Above

    This new game has a download size of 280MB (Playstore) and has 50,000+ installs already! With fine graphics and interesting missions, it’s all set to give you the feels of real IAF pilot in combats.

    Most of the incidents and things which are in this game are resembling the actual combat activities done by IAF. So, the officials said it would be giving the best closest feels possible.

    The teaser which was shown up in their Twitter account previously was again played at the event before launching the actual app.

    The teaser, which has inspiring statements like “I am an air warrior’, ‘I put the honour and security of my motherland, first’, ‘I fly deep into enemy territory’, ‘And strike fear in the heart of enemy’ and ‘accomplish the mission’ in it.

    Upon launching, the IAF official said, “This new facilitation-cum-publicity pavilion and the IAF-themed mobile game have been designed to raise awareness among the youth like you, about the IAF, and inspire them to take up a career in the Air Force,” he told a large gathering of students after the launch.”

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    Detailing it more, he said, “The various missions, include, airstrikes, air-to-air refueling, and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. Also, career navigator and augmented reality sections are available, which will give a realistic feel of the IAF’s assets to the user.

    On the developer name “Threye“, IAF has previously launched a similar aircraft combat game in Playstore which is now having over a million downloads.

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