Inspiration goes both ways for Movies and Games

    When it comes to blockbuster movies and immersive award-winning games inspiration usually goes both ways. Some movies have had a significant impact on the video gaming industry and vice versa. Many critics believe that these two industries are becoming more and more similar with each passing day mostly because of the both of them use and integrate advanced visual designs, costumes, scripts, lore, and actors. Few games can be developed without a cast of voicing artists and even fewer movies can be filmed without CGI.

    Inspiration goes both ways for Movies and Games

    Movies & Games
    Movies & Games

    Here are some of the best movies inspired from games:

    Tomb Raider

    One of the best examples of a video game being adapted into a movie title is Tomb Raider, this was released last year, and it features Alicia Vikander as the main protagonist. The movie managed to copy perfectly all the exploring and mystery feelings that the game offers.


    It has been anticipated for years and after a few hints from Blizzard Entertainment about creating a movie, fans waited with patience for its official announcement. The release of the movie in cinemas worldwide has managed to gather many strong emotions exactly like World of Warcraft did when it was first released on the PC and this movie proved that the release was no different.

    The movie’s director, Duncan Jones, stated that the movie took around $160 million to make and from its launch date it grossed an easy $433.7 million, therefore, transforming it into a big financial success.

    This movie has also been congratulated by many critics on its impressive graphics effects and is one of the largest grossing video game movie titles of all time.

    Mortal Kombat

    As the game was and continues to be an incredible hit so did the adapted movie was incredibly successful.

    The movie managed to take a strong and serious approach and it did this with ease because it managed to fit perfectly into the M K universe. It also starred in many famous and great actors thus further underlining the violent fighting that everyone loves so much. This is considered to be one of the best movies of all times.

    Here is a list of movies that inspired amazing video games:


    The Marvel Cinematic Universe also is known as the MCU is responsible for the birth of many incredible video games. A popular title is Spiderman which has been moved into video games so many times on many gaming platforms and the most recent title is Spiderman 2018, which was incredibly well received by fans across the planet mostly for its amazing game style, beautiful graphics, and solid game engine.


    The DC Universe is not far behind the MC Universe because it stands out of the crowd with its own justice fighter, namely the black knight, Batman, which same as Spiderman has been made and remade and with every release gamers loved all titles. The Batman movie series has a long history dating back from the 1980s and it still managed to encapsulate all types of preferences.

    The game was first released for the NES console as well as Nintendo’s Gameboy and it was based on the popular 1989 Batman movie.

    A couple of years ago when the movie Batman Returns was released in cinemas players already announced that they are waiting for a game to be released in order to match the movie, this, of course, was based on the movie of the same title and it was released for many gaming platforms in 1992.

    Tradition has it and players already know that when a Batman movie is released then a video game adaptation is just around the corner.

    The Lord of the Rings

    This is probably one of the biggest grossing movie franchises of all time, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, directed by no other than Peter Jackson himself, has managed to create a chain of amazing and immersive video games around the lore and characters from the LOTR universe.

    The first movie named The Fellowship of the Ring was released in early 2002 and was almost instantly adapted into a video game shortly after the release of the movie and it was specifically adapted for all types of gaming platforms including consoles.

    All LOTR games are strictly based on the movie. One of the best games inspired from the movie are Middle-earth: Shadow of War and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

    In conclusion, there are many movies that inspire games and many games that inspire movies, because these two industries are becoming intertwined one with another and the beauty of this is that it will never stop influencing one another and amazing productions will continue to appear on a regular basis.

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