Instagram May Hide Your Likes From Now! Here’s Why

    In the time of social media making everyone isolated, Instagram is trying to bring out the actual purpose.

    The fundamental of any social media is not gain popularity (at least in the first place), but to connect with each other, either with their friends, family or clients.

    And in its conference named F8, Facebook, the parent company of Instagram has announced its plans of hiding the likes counter on every post. Their intention is to shift the focus from gaining likes to actual engagements on the platform.

    Instagram May Hide Your Likes From Now! Here’s Why

    Instagram May Hide Your Likes
    Instagram May Hide Your Likes

    Trailing first with Canada, Instagram would workout on hiding the likes from this week onwards. Yet, users and owners can see likes with a prompt (just an added step). And if this feature is proven fine, they’d implement this across all the nations as well.

    They said, “We don’t want Instagram to feel like a competition. We want to make it a less pressurized environment.

    Well, this move is now capable of neutralizing the perception of viewers, which would otherwise be judgemental basing on likes popularity.

    Instagram’s new marketplace!

    Aside from such above moves, Instagram’s extending more support to businesses on the platform by introducing more tools.

    Options like creative imaging to capture products more attractively and even embedding the payment options at the checkout page. This could make the customer make the entire transaction within the app/site.

    Twitter’s already into it!

    Well, Instagram isn’t the only one trying to bring back the fundamentals, but Twitter too.

    Jack Dorsey revealed his thoughts of moving the major emphasis from likes and retweets to the general information in his platform. He’s even trying this with a beta app called twttr – which only shows the tweet’s content in the feed unless you tap into seeing the metrics.

    What do you think of this new move? Can this really be impactful as wished? Tell us below.

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