iOS 11 Features – Everything You Need To Know!

    Apple released its new iOS platform recently, version number 11. The platform comes out with new features that are suitable to the likes of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, iPhone 7, and tablets such as iPad Pro. Significant improvements see in the form of adding P2P transactions using Apple Pay, the newly designed app store, and enhanced development of the augmented reality. iOS 11 Features – Everything You Need To Know!

    iOS 11 Features – Everything You Need To Know!

    iOS 11 Features – Everything You Need To Know!

    I have seen many sites are sharing the guide on iOS 11 new features but our mission is different. How Tech Hack is providing you all features with a brief description like ios 11 screen recording. Not the regular garbage which you find on other sites. Hence, you can check the latest iOS 11 Features below. The following paragraphs will provide you information about the new features added to the version and everything that you need to know about them: –

    iOS 11 Features:-

    1. HEVC and HEIF Formats

    HEVC and HEIF Formats

    One of the significant upgrade provided into the version is the enhancement of the camera effects. The new iOS platform version 11 includes HEVC (high-efficiency video coding) and HEIF (high-efficiency image format) codecs. According to Apple, the format will be helpful in saving storage space, as it is efficient in compressing the effectiveness of the e-mails in comparison to that of JPEG without compromising on the quality. The HEVC is further helpful in shooting high-resolution 4K videos. You can quickly turn on the settings under the camera category in the settings application.

    2. Notifications and Redesigned Control Center

    Notifications and Redesigned Control Center

    With the help of the new platform, Apple made a complete makeover to the control center and notification appearance. The control center takes a more significant portion of the display and has every function available on a single page. You can avoid swiping back and forth between different panels to choose a specific operation. For example, the 3-D touch will help in bringing out the skip and pause buttons by force touching the music playing application.

    You can access the Airplane Mode, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi through the control center. Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are active even in Airplane Mode. Therefore, when you turn off the mode and turn back on, the operating system remembers to enable both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. However, switching off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from the control center does not actively turn them “off.” It means that the phone is still capable of connecting to features such as location services, AirDrop, AirPlay, and other provisions. If you wish to disconnect the services entirely, you will have to venture into the Settings app.

    3. App Store Makeover

    App Store Makeover

    Apple made significant changes to the App Store. Opening the app will display Today tab, which will show you about the new experiences and newly launched apps. There is also a gaming tab available, making it users to gain access to the gaming applications directly using this feature. Additionally, according to Apple, it drastically brought down the time of app review. This new methodology is sure to please developers. The updates tab will help you in checking the latest versions available for the installed applications on the device.

    4. Emergency SOS Feature

    Emergency SOS Feature

    That addition of emergency SOS feature is a dramatic involvement in the hardware. As a safety measure, Apple included the function to ensure that the users can access directly to the services provided by 911 by pressing the power key continuously for five times. Although it does not directly connect you to the services, it does give the option to call. During this procedure, it will disable the Touch ID until you input the passcode.

    5. Screen Sharing and Recording Tools

    Screen Sharing and Recording Tools

    With screen sharing becoming an essential aspect of the technological medium, the version 11 of iOS platform brings the users to capture screenshots or even record the actions that they carry out on the device. Screenshot received a significant overhaul in comparison to its predecessors. After capturing the image, the software displays a thumbnail of the same. Users have to hold it and can use the share button to share it with other applications or send it to others using different applications. Another interesting fact is the availability of grouping the captured screenshots.

    6. User profiles and playlist sharing in Apple Music:

    User profiles and playlist sharing in Apple Music

    Although Apple Music missed a lot when compared with Spotify, the new version enabled the users to create profiles and add playlists. Additionally, it also provided the chance to share the playlists with other members of the community. The sharing option can be public or private. With better integration with Siri, users gain the opportunity to seek digital help in searching for a song or play something from the available playlist. Correspondingly, Siri offers intelligent suggestions based on the recent listening habits. Also, it has improves the music composing apps like Garageband and Logic Pro X.

    7. Get to Know When an Application is Sharing Your Location:

    Get to Know When an Application is Sharing Your Location

    Apple iOS 11 made significant changes to the sharing location options. It is now transparent and helps the user to find out which application is sharing the location. When an application is sharing the area in the background, a blue status star appears representing the action. If the bar appears even after leaving the application, it will help you understand the app is running in the background while actively sharing the location.

    8. Dark Mode

    Dark Mode

    Apple always kept away from bringing dark mode. However, with the introduction of the new platform, it introduced “Smart Invert” feature, where the software is capable of inverting the colors on display. The point to notice here is that it does not reverse the colors of the videos and photos.

    9. Wi-Fi Sharing

    Wi-Fi Sharing

    A significant feature that is going to please every Apple user is bringing on board Wi-Fi sharing ability. With the help of this feature, users who bring the devices close to each other do not have to exchange passwords in order to share the Wi-Fi network.

    10. Smarter Siri

    Smarter Siri

    Apple made notable enhancements to Siri, making it even smarter than before. Siri received substantial improvements to the language department. It is now possible for it to have a natural conversation using male or female voice. It even has the capability to translate on the go. The translation is receiving new languages, and Apple is continuously working on adding more to improve the functionality of the feature and its usability at the needed time. Siri also became better at predicting the usability of the device based on your activity and interests.

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our iOS 11 Features, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

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