iOS 13, macOS 10.5 and Other Key Takeaways from WWDC 2019

    The event of WWDC 2019 was more marvelous than expected. Apple’s expected to launch iOS 13 and doubted about any gadgets. But there’s everything. And everything has an update.

    iOS 13, macOS 10.5 and Other Key Takeaways from WWDC 2019

    WWDC 2019
    WWDC 2019

    iOS 13:

    iOS 13
    iOS 13

    The much anticipated from this event. The company has announced its upgraded OS which has some significant features. Few are:

    • Downloads from Appstore are now 50% smaller, and updates are of 60% faster.
    • Increasing the face unlocking by 30%
    • Apps will now launch at twice the speed than previous.
    • Refined keyboard with Swipe-typing (available in Android since a long time).
    • Self-created emojis basing on our original faces, which can be used as stickers in other chat apps.
    • Any app/site asking your email ID to access their services? Now you can use your email address with hidden mode. Upon doing so, Apple with convert your address into random one and gives it to site. You can delete this later too.
    • The most requested thing: System-Wide Dark Theme! Well, dark themes are previously given for specific apps, but now it’s made system-wide available.
    • Introduction of Apple ID login: You’d be encountered with apps which may ask social profiles to sync/login with. If you aren’t interested in giving so, now you can log on to them with Apple ID login (with face unlocking). The developers have to embed this API in their codes.

    macOS 10.5:

    macOS Catalina
    macOS Catalina

    Besides this, Apple has introduced new MacOS 10.5 or “Catalina” for MacBooks. And it designated a separate OS for its iPad too.

    It’s said, Apple has finally killed the iTunes or better say, it was split into Music, Podcasts and iTV.

    watchOS 6
    watchOS 6

    WatchOS 6 is just another key highlight. The Apple watch with this updated OS will now have Appstore coming along. You can download apps and personalize the entire watch with voice commands.

    Apple airpods too! Now, these airpods shall read your messages if asked.

    These are the key software announcements from WWDC. Follow us for more news.

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