It will Become Easy to Get Verified Account on Instagram

    Every Instagram lover is well aware of the importance of a blue tick that flashes beside the name in the Instagram bio. It is a sign that your account is verified. Each of us no matter how many Instagram followers we have, wanted that blue tick somewhere or the other. Instagram is making it easy to get that blue tick in our bio.

    It will Become Easy to Get Verified Account on Instagram

    It will Become Easy to Get Verified Account on Instagram

    Yes, you heard it right. Instagram is currently testing a verification process for Instagram accounts in Australia that will help users to get their accounts verified by submitting requests to the company.

    The blue tick not just makes your account unique and credible but it also provides an access to some special features on Instagram. It makes your account stand out in search results.

    In Australia, Instagram users can apply for account verification from today. They have to use the ‘Request Verification’ option from the Settings menu. They have to submit all the required data. Instagram will check their profile and all the given data and will grant their account the status of a verified account if their account is suitable enough.

    Instagram Verification
    Instagram Verification

    For now, this feature is only available for the Instagram app for iOS and is expected to come to the Instagram App for Android as well.

    According to Nicci Meek, Instagram’s Strategic Partner Manager (APAC), “This new feature will allow our community the opportunity to apply for verification themselves and understand the process of getting verified on Instagram. We believe opening up verification to the public will also work towards safeguarding our community.

    Instagram will look up to some measures like uniqueness, authenticity, profile completeness and popularity for the account verification. Users have to submit their photo, full name and Instagram username to verify their account.

    This step will protect many users from spam accounts. It has been reported that an underground network gets people a verified badge by charging up to $15,000. Some Instagram employees were also found guilty of selling a number of verified accounts. The availability of this feature in other regions is not confirmed yet but it is expected that the company will expand this feature soon.

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