Lamicall Adjustable Cell Phone Stand A [REVIEW]

    Ever wished your phone to be adjusted perfectly to your sight and not by holding it? While watching videos or doing some other work that demands hands-free, you wish there would be someone holding the phone for you, or a “stand” that you can hook it up to! Isn’t it?

    Well, here we got a simple product to satisfy this want. The adjustable stand from Lamicall is a much-needed product for today’s smartphone users.

    Introducing Lamicall’s Cell Phone Adjustable Stand A

    Lamicall Adjustable Cell Phone Stand A [REVIEW]
    Lamicall Adjustable Cell Phone Stand A [REVIEW]
    This simple gadget is a finely crafted tool for hanging up your device and work hands-freely. This creative tool is solidly constructed using aluminum alloy, which makes it lightweight and airy (just 3.47 pounds). Further, it has a rubber cushion on the holds to bear your phone without damaging it. It prevents the phone from sliding down. And the best of all, it’s adjustable. You can rest the phone over it and adjust in many angles as you wish. It’s perfect for FaceTiming, watching movies, etc with ease.

    This stand would be perfectly compatible with a series of iPhones (XS, XR, 8, X, 7, 6, 5) and almost all Android smartphones. Surprisingly, even Nintendo’s Switch too can be hooked onto this. Anything between 4-8inches is fine for resting on this, as per seller.

    Charging Hole

    As a part of the craft, this stand has a circular cut made on the hinge to feed your phone to the charger. You may connect the phone to the charger and let the cord pass from hole to charging point. This is best for those heavy consuming or low battery phones that need a continuous supplement of power.

    Adjustable Cell Phone Stand A
    Adjustable Cell Phone Stand A

    Custom made the option available!

    You can ask for the removal of Lamicall’s logo and customize it with your own details. Lamicall gives the users options for rebranding it with the desired logo on the foot and holder of the stand. This option is great for office managers to provide their staff with the company’s branded tools at their desks.


    The product comes with a lifetime warranty service! The seller assures you a full refund or total replacement of the product over quality issues if any.

    What’s Lamicall BTW?

    Lamicall is an online store specialized in such products. It manufactures adjustable stands for cellular phones, tablets, and even laptops. Further, it has wide options for phone ring holders, USB cables, car holders, etc. Depending upon the order size, Lamicall offers free delivery too.

    What interests me much is the combination of this with a voice assistant. Try hooking your phone to the stand and enable voice assistant (Google or Siri) to experience the real handsfree works. You can engage in any hand-intensive duties without worrying about spoiling your phone.

    With over 6000+ five star ratings, this stand is well recommended by everyone who has used it. Besides purchasing this as a stand-alone tool, I wish every phone manufacturer adds this accessory in a bunch of purchases.

    Price and Availability:

    This gadget is available from Lamicall and is priced at $12.99. You can choose this between Grey, Silver, Red and Black colors. Further, you may opt to pay through several online options like Credit cards like Visa/MasterCard cards and even PayPal or Stripe.

    There’s a similar product with an extra branch for hanging your watch too. Specially crafted for Apple users, this may cost you an extra couple of bucks for adjoining your Apple watch along with your phone. Yet, the simple Stand A is enough for most needs.

    Get it here:

    As the Christmas and New year’s around, Lamicall may delay your shipment for a couple of days than actual. It mentioned orders in the USA and Europe may take 5-12 days and Other Regions about 35+ days. Yet, it’s always worth waiting for such a simple creative tool.

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