Lamicall Phone Holder for Bed LS04 [REVIEW]

    Lamicall Phone Holder for Bed Review: We have surely progressed with the sciences and technology in every field. Of course, now we have got these smartphones to run with us in our day to day lives which have actually made our life pretty much easier as compared to the previous decades. It’s 2019, and here we are still developing ourselves and upgrading to the trendiest and the latest version of all times, with more advanced gadgets and devices. With these improvements, we have got these smartphone holders in the market that has made it simpler for us to use these gadgets and smartphones.

    Well, you already know how difficult it is to keep holding to our smartphones for a long time. Yet, as a savior here we have got the most preferred brand of a smartphone known as Lamicall LS04 phone holder for bed. Totally, we are also going to review this particular product stating more information about the product, its features, its pros and cons which will help you with your decision thoughts and choices. You can also check Lamicall Adjustable Cell Phone Stand A Review.

    Let us take a look at all this information and details that will help and assist you better for sure.

    Lamicall Phone Holder for Bed LS04 [REVIEW]
    Lamicall Phone Holder for Bed LS04 [REVIEW]

    Features of Lamicall LS04 Phone Holder for Bed:

    When it is about a phone holder for bed, there are quite some factors to be considered for sure. Yes, you actually need to count in if the phone holder is compatible with your bed. Lamicall LS04 would be totally great as it has got some best highlights to look for:

    • This particular holder is designed to use the smartphones simply lying on the bed or even a couch. Lamicall does support all the iPhone series, Samsung models, Google variants, and various other 5 inch smartphones.

    • It has got a feasible clip phone holder too which comes with a 360-degree rotation clip, flexible stretchy gooseneck arm, using which you can simply adjust the viewing angle while you are lying on your bed.

    • Positions can be made better. Yes, with the help of dual-arm design, it becomes easy to twist. It has also got a thick low arm and thin upper arm which will be great for stability and to hold the phone.

    • It also features a bending advantage whenever required, and the holder is durable enough for the money you have spent.

    • The holder is also suitable for holding comfortably, viewing, and reading as well. Please note that, if you want to use your phone for typing, it is recommended that you remove the phone from the holder and then use it.

    Pros of Lamicall LS04 Phone Holder:

    Here we have also mentioned a few pros and cons for the product as per our experience. Check it out-

    • Perfectly designed for reading e-books and it is recommended to all the passionate readers out there!

    • It is pretty easy to clamp and unclamp with plenty of adjustments to be simply made while you hold it.

    • It can be used anywhere and every time, even when you are doing your workouts or running on your treadmill.

    • One can mold it enough as per the needs and requirements individually. It is quite flexible and never falls out!

    • It is strong and robust enough to carry even the weighted phones and it will hold the clamp quite safely too.

    • One can also play games holding the smartphone on the holder. It is very convenient and easy, especially for your morning selfies.

    • The product is worth the money.

    Cons of Lamicall LS04 Phone Holder:

    • You need to handle it very carefully, though it is strong enough, too much rough handling can cause the product to break down.

    • Durability is an issue and does not last long.

    • Though it is flexible enough, the design can be improved and made a little robust.

    • Instability is another pointing, where the product can be called out!

    Get it here:

    Final words

    Of course, if it’s a product then it might suit someone, while it might not be better for others. Hence, product handling matters too. Well, there are a few cons that have been highlighted but proper care for the product can fix these disadvantages of the product. You can make your choices after considering both the pros and cons of the product.

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