Learn How to Make Best Use of YouTube Algorithm

    According to the announcement from YouTube CPO Neal Mohan, people spend more than 70 percent of their time watching suggested videos on YouTube. The average time spent on mobile watching is around 60 minutes. 

    The YouTube algorithm can handle four hundred hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. If you’re looking to see an increase in your business, and wondering how to get YouTube subscribers, and views, you might want to understand what the basics of YouTube’s core algorithms are.

    The YouTube algorithm does more than just dictate the way you view the video but also the decisions you have to make regarding the video’s content length, length, the timing for uploading the video, the use of keywords, and including a call To Action, all of which determine the effectiveness in your YouTube marketing plan.

    Algorithm changes over time

    Before 2012, the amount of YouTube views that a video was receiving was the basis for determining the video’s ranking, which led to clickbait titles to increase views. The complaints were made because the clickbait titles failed to deliver on their promises, leading to an algorithm modification in 2012. Watch time and session duration was utilized to determine the rank of content. However, making longer videos could help gain better rankings due to the constant increase in watch time and session duration, but it also put an undue strain on YouTubers.

    AI Machine Learning and AI were introduced into YouTube’s YouTube algorithm in 2016, altering the types of videos uploaded. In 2019 algorithm modifications were made to block “borderline content.”

    The primary goal of the YouTube algorithm will be to offer viewers the kind of content they’d like to view and increase viewers’ engagement and satisfaction over the long run. Before you can begin to discuss how your company can profit from the YouTube algorithm, it is important to be aware of how the algorithm operates in the first place.

    How does the YouTube Algorithm function?

    The YouTube algorithm provides users of the platform with content they’re most likely to be interested in and engage within different sections of the platform- channel subscriptions, search results, trending streams, notifications, homepage, and suggested/recommended videos. Users remain on the platform and are encouraged to return often since they’re given videos they’re likely to love.

    The algorithm is designed to help encourage videos that viewers are more engaged instead of focusing on metrics like YouTube views or clicks. Factors that affect the ranking of videos according to YouTube’s algorithms include YouTube algorithm comprise:

    • Click-through rates
    • The kind of content that people consume
    • Watch the video at the right time
    • Other videos on your channel that your users have seen
    • The growing popularity of the video (view speed)
    • The novelty value of the video is the novelty factor.
    • Uploading videos on a regular basis
    • The time of sessions for users
    • What happened to a recent video that addressed the same subject was watched?
    • Viewer engagement via likes or dislikes shares
    • “Not interested” feedback
    • User’s location and demographic information

    Here’s a detailed breakdown of the YouTube algorithm working on various areas of YouTube:

    Results of a search

    The most important factors that affect the ranking that your content is displayed that affect the search rankings of your video on YouTube the most are keywords use and relevance of the video. YouTube videos are ranked in search results according to metadata, including titles descriptions, keywords, and descriptions, in line with the query.

    Relevance can also be measured by how much your video is already engaging users with regard to likes, YouTube views, and time spent watching. Search results also depend on the amount of video content that viewers have already watched and the date the last time they watched a YouTube video related to the one you have posted.

    Website and recommended videos

    YouTube’s algorithm is designed to retain users longer,thusf allowing them to experience as many ads the platform as is possible. Content is recommended to users according to previous user behavior and the type of content that users are already engaged with. Videos are ranked according to the engagement they’ve produced for users who are similar to them, the frequency of viewing videos on a site by the viewers who watch it, videos that cover similar subjects,s and the number of times each video has been presented to viewers. Diversifying their recommended videos for homepages and feeds is also done since users will be more inclined to view content and get suggestions from multiple channels.

    The latest trends

    YouTube’s top-rated page offers the balance of fresh and well-known videos from the user’s region. To keep a balance of novelty and popularity, the views count, and the growth rate of YouTube views are the primary consideration for every ranked video.


    Your YouTube subscribers will be able to view all the videos you’ve recently uploaded through the Subscribers Page, which also lets them view video content from different channels that they’ve subscribed to. It’s the measurement used for YouTube in determining subscriptions rankings for platforms. View velocity is the amount of YouTube subscribers who view your videos right after they’ve been posted is measured to ensure that videos with more views will receive more popularity. The number of genuine YouTube subscribers you have who actively interact in your content is also considered when determining the ranking of your videos.

    Tips to get organic traffic on YouTube

    Once you are aware of how the YouTube algorithm is working, there are a few ways to boost the popularity of your video so that you can get more YouTube views and YouTube subscribers.

    Make sure your videos are optimized to be searchable by using the appropriate words

    Ensure you’re using proper keywords, and ensure transparency in your metadata, including your video tags, caption, and description. In terms of relevant descriptions, grab your viewer’s attention by the very first lines and then fill the descriptions with relevant keywords, but not overloading the page. However, be aware that longer descriptions mean you have to make the most crucial information visible to readers before the “Show More” is displayed.

    Analyze the sources of traffic to your website

    It is important to know that the Search Report of your channel can give valuable information about the keywords utilized by viewers to locate your channel. Try to incorporate the terms you want to use in your titles or description and keywords to observe an increase in the number of YouTube subscribers and YouTube views.

    Translate and transcribe your video

    Subtitles are a great method to ensure that viewers continue to watch your videos even when the audio is not working. Although you can employ auto-generated captions available in various languages, your rank will be enhanced if you decide to upload closed captions or subtitles in your video because the file will be indexable for search.

    The translations of your video’s title and subtitles, and descriptions allow your videos to reach viewers who speak different languages.

    Customize thumbnails

    90 percent of YouTube’s top watched videos feature custom thumbnails instead ofo auto-generated thumbnails. Customized thumbnails offer more appealing value and could increase your numbers of YouTube subscribers and YouTube views through causing people to visit your content. Close-ups of empathetic faces or action shots are great for thumbnails. Be sure to use your “rule of thirds” for your thumbnails, as it will help to speed up the time it takes to the brain’s processing time to take in an image.

    The addition of text on thumbnails is also crucial because the majority of users view YouTube videos these days using their smartphones so the thumbnail will be noticed in contrast to the title. Be sure that the text you choose to use conveys the content of the video without the viewers having to read the description to discover.

    The branding of your thumbnails can be a fantastic way to draw viewers’ attention to your video. Maintaining the same format of your YouTube channel using thumbnails with branding can assist viewers in identifying your channel out of the crowd of recommended videos that have similar thumbnails.

    Compell your viewers to continue watching the video

    Attract your viewers’ attention right from the beginning. Choose the length of your video, keeping track of your analytics. Use jump cuts in your videos to ensure that viewers do not have to watch a single video for too long. In longer videos, add interruptions to allow viewers to get their attention back.

    Encourage viewers to binge-watch your videos.

    The primary aspect of making sure that a large audience watches your videos establish a clear basis for the YouTube channel. Other ways include redirecting viewers to other content on your channel by using cards, screens at the end, and watermarks, as well as linking your most recent video to an album of your videos.

    The idea of making an ongoing series rather than just a one-off video is an excellent way to ensure that your content picks up from where the first one left off , so that viewers are motivated to watch.

    Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel.

    With the addition of more YouTube subscribers and more views, your content will be able to reach more people organically. Therefore, you must encourage your viewers to join.

    Promote on various platforms

    It is important to cross-promote your videos on other platforms, like blogs and email marketing, and various social networks. In addition, growing the number of YouTube subscribers and optimizing your content for search engines is crucial in YouTube’s algorithm. YouTube algorithm to recommend videos to viewers.

    Monitor the analytics

    Examine the effectiveness and shortcomings to improve your YouTube marketing strategy using analysis, which will give you information on the drop in viewers, peak posting times, and subscribers behavior, which allows you to modify your strategy to suit.

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